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DIG Meeting Minutes - May 9, 2011


  • Karen Collier, Kent County Library System (facilitator)
  • Jenny Turner, PALS
  • Jason Etheridge, Equinox Software
  • Kathy Lussier, MassLNC (minutes)
  • Sally Fortin, Equinox Software
  • Tim Spindler, C/W MARS
  • Yamil Suarez, Berklee College of Music
  • Debbie Hensler, HSLC
  • Jeff Godin, Traverse Area District Library

Old Business

From DIG Hackfest: British vs American English?

The group voted to maintain the current practice of allowing documenters to choose which form of English will be used in their documentation. If DIG eventually starts translating documentation into other languages, DIG can reconsider and possibly create dual English versions, but that would depend on having interested volunteers.

From DIG Hackfest: Community Pool for Paid Documentation?

The group thought this might be outside the scope of DIG. If anyone is interested in pooling money to fund a particular piece of documentation, it might be best to post a message to the general, documentation or development list to see if there is interest. It may also be something for the Governance Committee to consider in the future.

Release Coordinators

  • The group discussed the idea of designating somebody as a release coordinator to keep track of release notes to determine what new documentation is required for a new Evergreen release and/or to watch for documentation bugs reported in Launchpad.
  • This position would help DIG in its efforts to keep pace with the rapid development of Evergreen.
  • The release coordinator could pass this information on to the content coordinators, who then need to find volunteers to create the documentation.
  • Tim Spindler and Yamil Suarez volunteered to work together in this position. They will touch base with each other to determine how to divvy up the work.

Call for Content Coordinators

DIG still needs volunteers to serve as Admin / Development Content Coordinator and Style Coordinator. (see: DIG Roles & Participants List)

Updates from Content Coordinators

Jenny Turner (reports) will be seeking volunteers at Wednesday's reports meeting. Kathy (OPAC/end user) had no updates.

Form Cooperative Working Groups? (Who's working on what or wants to? Any opportunities for cooperative effort?)

Karen raised the idea of forming cooperative working groups around topics that multiple people might be working on or interested in working on. She will bring this idea to the documentation list where a larger audience can participate in the discussion.

Next meeting

Monday, June 6, 2011 @ 2:30 PM EST

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