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DIG Agenda - Thursday, November 7th, 2013

This meeting will be held on the #evergreen channel on the Freenode IRC network ( beginning at 2:00 PM EST. Current and future DIG participants are encouraged to attend, and any interested members of the Evergreen Community are welcome as well. For updates, notifications, and discussion please sign up for the Evergreen Documentation Discussion List.

  1. Introductions: paste ”/me is <name> <affiliation>” to identify who you are and what organization, if any, you represent
  2. Updates from Content Coordinators
  3. Old Business
    1. Think of ways to increase participation, create an informal survey, training during a DIG hack-a-way, or online DIG training sessions between conferences (by Yamil)
      1. brainstorming on survey draft (Yamil)
    2. Including technical information in end-user docs - (by Kathy)
    3. provide AsciiDoc training before DIG hack-a-way
      1. decide on content, decide on date
    4. Yamil's DocBook to Asciidoc conversion project (by his intern)
      1. needs help proofreading
  4. New Business
    1. Final planning for DIG hack-a-way
      1. Google hang out testing
      2. Street location information
      3. start time

Next Meeting: TBD

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