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DIG Agenda - March 1, 2018

This meeting will be held on the #evergreen channel on the Freenode IRC network ( beginning at 2pm EDT/ 11am PDT. Current and future DIG participants are encouraged to attend, and any interested members of the Evergreen Community are welcome as well. For updates, notifications, and discussion please sign up for the Evergreen Documentation Discussion List.

  1. Introductions: paste "#info <username> is <name> <affiliation>" to identify who you are and what organization, if any, you represent
  2. Old Business
    1. Previous action items (see below)
  3. Ongoing Business
    1. Progress on documenting new features in Evergreen 3.0 (and previous) and the Web client Web Client docs
      • Starting to highlight unfinished tasks with the FIX ME flag
    2. Progress on documentation launchpad bugs. Here are some highlights:
  4. New Business

Previous Action items

  1. Christineb will follow up with web team to add a link from the web site's documenation page to the new playlist
  2. Everybody will send useful, Evergreen-related, Creative Commons-licensed videos to Christineb
  3. kmlussier will identify unclaimed bite sized tasks for new DIG participants
  4. sandbergja and ohiojoe will follow-up with assigned "in-progress" users to try to preserve any progress made but not submitted
  5. everyone will work on cleaning up the reorganized documentation
  6. everyone should subscribe to the Evergreen-specific YouTube channel
  7. ohiojoe will make a call out to the general list for help generating feedback to the current state of the reorganized documentation
  8. everyone will find volunteers at their libraries to test drive the new manuals
  9. sandbergja will share asciidoc level knowledge of how to work with the new manuals
  10. ohiojoe will email DIG list to discuss the suggestion regarding screen name labeling in docs vs Evergreen
  11. jihpringle will set up wiki pages to match the list of EG 3.0 manuals
  12. jihpringle will draft a simple handout with the mailing list, links to the wiki, and how to get started contributing to DIG
  13. ohiojoe will doodle poll the EG community about doc hack days, one the week of March 5th for web client cleanup and one the week of April 9th for 3.1
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