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DIG Meeting Agenda - June 6, 2024

This meeting will be held via videoconference beginning at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Current and future DIG participants are encouraged to attend, and any interested members of the Evergreen Community are welcome as well!

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  1. Remember to click "Record"!
  2. Introductions & Check-in
  3. Pet Show & Tell
  4. Debbie didn't make an agenda, so let's revisit some of May's…
  5. 3.13 documentation needs
  6. Anything else?
  7. Gina presents!
  8. Next meeting: Thursday, July 11


  1. Introductions & Check-in
    1. 8 people in attendance
  2. Pet Show & Tell
    1. No pets were in attendance. Everyone was sleeping or being annoying
  3. Collaboration/Updates:
    1. Update from Jennifer P. (and others who'd been in attendance) about May meeting–new people! Working on new docs!
    2. Generate Docs instructions page(s) and accuracy/changes needed
      1. Future presentation idea for a DIG meeting…way in the future. Actually, Blake is excited to present it but is on vacation in July. So, August.
    3. 3.13 Documentation
      1. All major EOLI stuff in except MARC Editor
      2. Some smaller outstanding things
      3. Grid documentation…some exists but needs updating/rethinking. Stephanie has something written for the wiki, which can help with the updating. Jennifer P. added it to the 3.13 needs list
      4. Will/do we have a community server on 3.13? Bugsquash is, but is broken atm…Blake will fix
    4. Update Concerto/Enhanced Concerto docs so all on one page
      1. Add: Which records are Serials [only 1 in original, more in enhanced] and other formats, etc.
      2. Ruth will work on a wiki page for Enhanced…probably more than one page, actually
      3. Note on original Concerto page what isn't there, so viewers can decide if want Enhanced instead
      4. Change all the passwords to be demo123 so don't have to constantly check back and copy/paste (also they don't work on Enhanced, anyway)
    5. Keyboard shortcuts: Stephanie talked about what she knows so far–was discussed at UI meeting
      1. We have no documentation about them, since when we started talking about it, realized it's different on different pages. Would be good to put something together to at least start and get the word out that they're there.
  4. Gina presented (as a fox) on the "Kill Media Folders" project she's been working on–awesome!
  5. Next Meeting: July 11–1 week later than usual, because of the holiday in the US on the 4th
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