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How to Participate in the Evergreen Documentation Interest Group

Contributing to documentation is an excellent way to support Evergreen, even if you are new to documentation. In fact, beginners often have a distinct advantage over the experts, more easily spotting the places where documentation is lacking or where it is unclear.

We welcome your contribution with planning, writing, editing, testing, translating to AsciiDoc, and other tasks. Whatever your background or experience we are keen to have your help!

First Steps

  • Join the Evergreen documentation listserv: This is the primary way we communicate with each other. Please send an email introducing yourself to the list.
  • Add yourself to the participant list if you have an Evergreen DokuWiki account, or send a request to
  • Check out the documentation to-do list to see which areas need work, and mention on the listserv which areas you're interested in working on. For large chunks of documentation you may want to see if there are other people who would like to team up with you.
  • Attend a DIG meeting in IRC. Meetings are announced on the listserv.
  • Write documentation in any format. Content coordinators and the AsciiDoc coordinator can convert your files to AsciiDoc and add them to the official documentation. This process ensures that the community is aware of your documentation and that it is integrated into the documentation repository.
  • Once you are comfortable with AsciiDoc formatting, you can contribute documentation directly.
  • If you'd like to learn more about AsciiDoc and documentation in general you can check out our documentation resources.

Volunteer roles

We are now looking for people to help produce the documentation. If you interested in participating, email the DIG facilitators at or speak up on the documentation mailing list.

We're looking for volunteers to work on the following:

Writing – Producing the documentation ("from scratch," and/or revised from existing materials). We're open to receiving content in any formats, such as Word or Open Office, but of course, we'd be delighted if you produced it in AsciiDoc!

Testing – Comparing the documents with the functions they describe

AsciiDoc conversion – For existing files that are not already in AsciiDoc, and new ones created by people writing in other formats

Editorial review – Ensuring the documentation is clear and follows Evergreen DIG style guide conventions

CSS Design – Making the pages more attractive and user-friendly

Current Needs

Last Updated 9/19/2013

* We need people to review the draft 2.5 documentation available at and provide feedback on the discussion list or via the Launchpad bug reporting system. There are links to Launchpad throughout the documentation for this purpose.

* We need people to submit any documentation that may be out there on features new to version 2.2 to the documentation discussion list. Any format is okay.

* We need people willing to revise older documentation (1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4) to reflect any changes in 2.5 and write new documentation on features new to version 2.5. You may want to check the 2.5 outline and mention what you want to work on via the documentation discussion list to ensure you're not working on something someone else has already done, or in case there's the possibly of working with another volunteer on your topic.

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