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All Outstanding Documentation Needs

Style Guide

Bugs/Minor Problems in the Documentation

New Features Needing Documentation

Priority Tasks

Vote for an item by adding your name or IRC username to the end. More votes will raise the priority of an item.


  1. All new features will be documented by the time they are released to the public (e.g. release of Evergreen 2.8.0) [PERMANENT TOP ITEM]
  2. Cataloging (needs to be reorganized; do we need a cataloging working group?) [votes: Remington]
  3. Intro to SQL (Based on Dan Scott content) Yamil still needs to make some edits like proper attribution, and test that its addition does not break the full docs
  4. Library Settings Editor - (Lynn Floyd, SCLENDS is working on it)
  5. OpenSRF/Evergreen Installation Guide (two PDFs linked from email below, useful but need updating)
  6. Archiving of Circulation Transactions (new section)

Needs More Information

  • Addresses on Routing List (missing?)

"Evergreen in Action" content maintenance

Other Docs to Consider Borrowing

Non-Docs Tasks

  • Setup a mechanism for testing/building the master docs (as part of buildbot?)
    • yboston will email Dev list for feedback on this preliminary plan
    • include checks for common mistakes (incorrect image references, unused image files, etc.)
  • Improve the PDF version of the built documentation (ask community for usage, ideas, etc.)
  • Setup/use Google analytics to improve docs website design
  • Incorporate relevant docs links into Web Staff Client screens (i.e. contextual help)
  • UI improvements


Key of Terms

  • OLD: An old version exists for this topic (usually from Evergreen 2.1 or earlier)
  • MISSING: There is no known documentation for this topic. However, it is worth searching and asking around before investing a lot of time on new documentation.
  • IN PROGRESS: A revision of this topic exists but needs work.
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