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Evergreen Reports Interest Group Participants

To get yourself listed or revise your listing, feel free to either add/change your information directly (email to request a DokuWiki account).

Name Organization Evergreen "Forest" Library Type Roles Joined E-mail
Lynn Floyd Anderson County Library Consortium Public Open lfloyd(at)
Stuart Forrest Beaufort County Library Consortium Public Open sforrest(at)
Roma Matott Pioneer Library System Public Open rmatott(at)
Benjamin Shum Bibliomation, Inc. Consortium Public Open Nov. 2010 bshum(at)
Nancy Studebaker Niles District Library Consortium Public Open nstudebaker(at)
Amy Terlaga Bibliomation, Inc. Consortium Public Open terlaga(at)
Katherine Gregory Georgia Public Library Service Consortium Public Open kgregory(at)
Cristina Trotter Oconee Regional Library System Consortium Public Open Nov. 2010 chtrotter(at)
Steve Sheppard cross-training: Evergreen DIG member Open Dec. 2010 sheppards(at)
Jennifer Bielewski Lyrasis April 2011 jennifer.bielewski(at)
Jessica Venturo Bibliomation, Inc. Consortium Public Convener February 2012 jventuro(at)

The Interest group has moved from Google Groups to an official Evergreen listserv. Information about the list is found here.

The Google Group remains as an archive of our past efforts:

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