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Reports-Related Development Projects

Development Currently In Progress

Web-based interface for easy access to "quick reports"
  • PINES is working with Emerald Data Systems to create a new reports interface that streamlines and simplifies the process for running basic daily reports so that front-line staff and directors can run a report independently of technical library staff.
  • The new interface will not recreate or replace the existing reports interface but provide easy access to the most frequently used data elements.
  • In March 2013, PINES asked the Evergreen Community to complete a survey to help prioritize reporting needs. See the survey results here.
Alphabetizing Report Templates and Report Parameters
  • Bibliomation has sponsored this development.
  • Bug report for alphabetizing templates is available here.
  • Bug report for alphabetizing parameters is available here.

Development Under Consideration

Do you know of other reports-related development projects? If so, please let us know. Either post here directly, or email Jessica (jventuro(at)biblio(dot)org)

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