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Reports Wish Lists

Originally compiled at the 2011 Evergreen Conference.

Needed Reports

  • Money owed from one library to another
  • Patrons by statistical category
  • Money received by day and category
  • Title list that could be loaded into a bucket or run without accessing the reports interface
  • Missing data report: what records are missing x field
  • Missing/inaccurate patron data fields
  • What items patrons are borrowing from others(?)
  • Collection development/collection analysis reports: gaps in the collection, items not checked out in x period of time; weeding report; turnover report; shelf list turnover report
  • Inactive patrons
  • Average use of collection(s), average patron use
  • Owed bill report with itemized transactions

Interface/Module Improvements

  • More humanly-readable reports: List with titles/authors in “natural” case, spaces in call numbers ignored
  • Obvious mistakes are dropped
  • Reports that may be run without accessing the report interface; can be run with just a few clicks (e.g. “director’s station)
  • Ability to tweak reports without cloning or recreating the entire report; e.g. change email address of recurring report without having to clone or recreate
  • Export templates to share across libraries/Evergreen installations
  • Auto-kill for hanging report (e.g. reports run for 30 minutes and then are killed)
  • User-friendly interface
  • SQL and statements to do multiple comparisons on a column


  • 3rd party reporting tools: “do they work with EG?” list: GIST weeding report; Gift and deselection tool; fiscal reporting
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