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Patron Registration

1. Search the patron database

  • Before registering a new patron, thoroughly verify that the person requesting a library card is not already in the database, see Searching the Patron Database.

2. Register a patron

  • Select Register Patron from the Circulation menu or press Shift+F1.

:!: Required fields are marked with color.

User Identification


  • Barcode - scan or type in the barcode number located on the back of the library card.
  • Username - click in this area and the system will copy the barcode number.
  • Password - the system will automatically generate a password number located to the right.

:!: The Username and the Password should be provided to the patron at the time of registration. This is used by the patron to log into the OPAC's My Account. Staff may change these within the patron registration form or the patron may change these once logged into the OPAC's My Account, see My Account Area for patron instructions.

  • First Name - type in patron's first name with first letter of the name capitalized, eg. Katherine
  • Middle Name - type in patron's middle name, eg. Howell.

:!: This is not a required field. However, this information is strongly encouraged in order to isolate the patron from others within the database.

  • Last Name - type in the patron's last name with the first letter capitalized, eg. Gregory
  • Suffix - when appropriate, select a suffix from the drop down menu.
  • Date of Birth - enter date in the same format as the example, YYYY-MM-DD. You can also use the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting accordingly.

:!: This is used to determine age group such as Juvenile. If you enter a birthdate indicating the patron is under 18, then a new entry window will pop up where you can enter the parent/legal guardian. Select Other for Primary ID Type, leave Primary ID blank and enter parent/legal quardian information in the new window. You may put there name and also their Drivers License if they have one. This information will then be automatically entered in the Juvenile patron's Notes field under the patron's Info tab.

  • Primary Identification Type - select from the drop down menu.
  • Primary Identification - enter the primary identification number.

:!: If you selected Drivers License within the Primary Identification Type, GA- will automatically appear for you to then append this with the Driver's License number. If the Drivers License is from another state, then change GA to the state's official USPS abbreviation, see for a list of the abbreviations.

  • Click on Forward>> or 2.Contact Info to take you to the next screen.

Contact Info


  • Email Address - enter email address.

:!: The patron's email address is used for overdue notices and hold availability notification. Patrons can change their email address within the OPAC's My Account, see My Account Area for patron instructions.

  • Daytime Phone - enter phone number in the format example provided (123-456-7890).
  • Evening Phone - enter phone number in the format example provided (123-456-7890).
  • Other/Cell Phone - enter phone number in the format example provided (123-456-7890).
  • Home Library - select the patron's home library from the drop down menu.

:!: The Home Library determines the patron's permission to place holds on certain items, see Evergreen Holds.

  • Click on Forward» or 3. Addresses to take you to the next screen.



  • Label - enter the location the address is going to, e.g. Home, Office, P.O.
  • Zip - enter the zip code.

:!: Once you enter the zip code, the system will go ahead and enter the City, County, State, and Country.

  • Street 1 - enter street address.
  • Street 2
  • Mark any of the following as appropriate:

Within City Limits
Valid - this should be unmarked if at a later time the address is no longer valid. This will not disable the account but it will stop mailings.
Mailing Address
Physical Address

  • Click on Create a New Address if the patron provides a second address such as work place.
  • Click on Forward>> or 4. Groups and Permissions to take you to the next screen.

Groups and Permissions


  • Profile Group - select the patron's profile fomr the dropdown menu, see XXX for patron profile definitions.
  • Account Expiration Date - tihs will be automatically entered depending on your profile selection or you can edit the date.
  • Internet Access Level - select the patron's access to the Internet from the dropdown: Restricted = filtered Internet access; Full = unfiltered access; and None = no access.
  • Active - leave this checked. This can be unchecked it at a later time if you need to disable the account but not remove it from the database.
  • Barred - leave this unchecked. This is to be checked only when the patron has committed a serious offense and must return to the library barring him/her. Barring will stop the patron from using his/her library card. If you check Barred, then you must also put in a note in the Alert Message indicating what library has barred the patron along with dates and reason for barring.
  • Set as Family/Group Lead Account - check this if the patron belongs to a group or household that have several PINES card carrying members.
  • Claims Returned Count - leave this blank. This will automatically generate each time the patron submits a claimed return. You can change the number or Reset it back to 0 if you find that the patron was correct and item hasdbeen returned.
  • Alert Message - enter information in here whenever you need to alert staff about something regarding this patron. Be sure to include your name and library and date for future reference. Click on Clear to remove the message.
  • Click on Finished>> or 5. Statistical Categories to take you to the next screen.

Statistical Categories

Statistical Categories are categories that can be PINES wide stats but there can also be local library stats. The Ops Manager can add statistical categories to this area. These can be helpful for acquiring statistics that are more catered to your library patrons, e.g. Primary Language; Story Time Members; Student ID; book club member; and etc.

:!: Owner lets you know if it is a PINES wide stat cat or if it is a local stat cat.


  • Select the statistical category option from the dropdown menu or enter the information under Value.
  • Click on Forward>> or 6. Surveys to take you to the next screen.



:!: Surveys may be created locally for local patrons as well as PINES system level wide.

  • Voter Registration -
  • Other
  • Click on Forward» or 7. Finish to take you to the next screen.



  • Click on View Summary - this will provide you with Print Page option or a Return to Editor option.
  • Click on Return to Editor - either go back and edit or Save User.
  • Click on Save User - if all is well, you will see a message User update succeeded.
  • Click OK - you are done and the screen will then return to a blank patron registration form.
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