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Searching the Patron Database

You can find patrons in the database by looking them up using their library card barcode, or you can search for them based on their name, address, or other information. Once you locate a patron record, you can view information about the patron or perform functions such as checking out books and paying bills.

Find a Patron by Barcode

To find a patron by barcode, select Search > for Patron by Barcode from the menu or press the F1 key. Use a barcode scanner, or use the keyboard to enter a patron barcode number and then select the Submit button to retrieve the patron record.

Search for a Patron by Name, Address, etc.

Search for a patron using the following steps:

  1. Select Search > for Patrons from the menu or press the F4 key. The Search for Patron tab opens.
    [insert image]
  2. Enter patron information to search for in the fields provided. First and last name will work well for many patrons, but for common names you may wish to add a ZIP code or search using a phone number or ID number instead.
  3. Select the Search button. Search results appear in the right-hand pane.
  4. Select a search result in the list to see a summary of the patron information in the left-hand pane. (You can use this summary to confirm that you have the right record.)
    [insert image]
  5. When you find the correct patron in the list of search results, select the Retrieve Patron button at the top right of the tab to view the full patron record. If you don't find the correct patron, select the Search Form button to search again.

Patron Record

A patron record looks like this:

[insert image]

In the left-hand pane, you can see basic information about the patron. We also color code this display; an explanation can be found here: In the right-hand pane, you can use the buttons to view additional information and perform functions for the patron:

  • Refresh – Refreshes the display (like reloading a page in your browser).
  • Check Out – Check out items to the patron. See Checkout for more information.
  • Items Out – View the items the patron currently has checked out. You can check items in or renew them. See Checkin or Renewals for more information.
  • Holds – View the holds the user has placed. See Holds for more information.
  • Bills – View the patron's bills and accept payment. See Bills and Fines for more information.
  • Edit – Edit the patron record (name, address, password, etc.). See Patron Registration and Maintenance for more information.
  • Info – View additional information about the patron, such as notes, statistical categories, surveys, and groups.
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