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Getting Listed on the Evergreen Paid Support Services Page

Companies and non-profit organizations providing Evergreen services must take the following steps to be added to the Evergreen Paid Support Services page.

  • Send a request to the Evergreen General List with the following information:
    • Name of company/organization
    • Contact person
    • Contact email
    • Web site address
    • Brief description of services
  • Show support for the Evergreen community by adding a visible link on their company website to the Evergreen community site at

Companies and organizations will be added to the Paid Support Services page after demonstrating through the above process that they currently offer Evergreen services. Companies and organizations that do not offer Evergreen services will not be listed.

From time to time, the members of the Evergreen community may check support providers to see if they currently offer Evergreen services. If a company no longer does, their entry may be removed. All removals will be posted publicly to the Evergreen mailing list.

A support provider may request that their entry be removed at any time.

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