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There are many support options for Evergreen, both free community based and vendor assisted. Being open-source, the support & development options available are not limited to what is provided by a single vendor. This is probably an important part of the open-source model - there is no vendor lock-in. Institutions may choose to support the product in-house, obtain help from a support company, and/or solicit help from their peers in the Evergreen community.

Free Community Support



  • Mailing Lists are a great place to get support and open to anyone with an email account. In addition, archives that provide much of the history of the project are readily available.</p>
  • IRC (real-time chat) - Get help from other Evergreen users on the #evergreen IRC channel hosted by The channel is logged.

Evergreen Companies

Paid Support - Several companies provide support & development services for Evergreen. Services that are available for libraries include installation, migration assistance, data integrity testing, staff training, software maintenance, and development of new features.

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