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Evergreen Oversight Board minutes of 2011-05-17

In attendance:

  • Anoop Atre, MN PALS
  • Lori Bowen Ayre, The Galecia Group
  • Val Brandt-Ita, KCLS
  • Galen Charlton, Equinox Software
  • Jim Corridan, Indiana State Library
  • Elizabeth McKinney, GPLS
  • Michele Montague, Grand Rapids
  • Stephen Elfstrand, MN PALS
  • Dan Scott, Laurentian University
  • Chris Sharp, GPLS
  • Amy Terlaga, Bibliomation
  • Sylvia Watson, Indiana State Library
  • Steve Wills, LYRASIS

As we currently lack a Secretary, Dan Scott volunteered to take minutes for this meeting.

Reports from the committees

Communications committee

  • 'Lori or Amy to forward a report'
  • Jim will present high-level website plan (wireframes) in the near future

Conference committee

Chris Sharp reported on behalf of the 2012 conference committee. The 2011 conference appears to have been a success, with a nice gelling of the community. There were plenty of opportunities to connect and network with others with similar interests.

Grace Dunbar has been working on a survey to determine satisfaction with the conference that should be made available shortly.

Expect Indiana to start talking about the 2012 conference over the summer; also, the conference committee will put out a call for 2013 conference proposals in the next few weeks.

It was good to see Gordana Vitez's Niagara Falls-area miniconference following the 2011 conference. Amy Terlaga hopes that Bibliomation will be able to foster similar miniconferences in New England and would like to see more localized interest groups and conferences.

No financials are available yet for the final results of the 2011 conference, but that should be forthcoming from Equinox.

Indiana 2012 dates are April 25-28, 2012. There are 3 people from the Atlanta conference on the committee, but the door is still open for others to join! Once the 2011 survey results have been tabulated, plans will be altered to accommodate potential areas of improvement.

Aside: Amy Terlaga is organizing a joint Evergreen/Koha cocktail party at the ALA conference for anyone generally interested in open source library systems to meet and greet. Contributions towards this event are anticipated from Equinox, ByWater, and Galecia Group.

Google Summer of Code discussion

There was some confusion on the mailing list about the proposal Anoop Atre made to IMLS about funding an additional student for a summer development position. This position would be a separate position, outside of the two student positions that have been funded by Google for the Google Summer of Code program.

IMLS funds for this year have already been budgeted, leaving only $1500 for funding a student this year. Accordingly, we would need to raise additional funding from the community to provide a stipend for the student. As a benchmark, the Google Summer of Code program pays students $5,000 for the summer.

  • ACTION: Elizabeth to work with Bradley on whether we are ready to start funding this position through the SFC (and if not, what we have to do).

Assuming that we can gather enough funding for a student position, Galen, Dan, and Jason would approach students from the GSoC applicants to see if they would be interested in taking on a position outside of the GSoC.

  • ACTION: Galen and Dan will check with Jason to see if he is still willing to mentor a student for the summer.

Dan suggested, instead of a summer of code program that is exactly parallel to the Google Summer of Code, we consider posting a bounty for the development of an Android client (meeting particular requirements, etc). This would remove the restriction on time frame.

  • ACTION: Anoop and Amy will speak with Lori about the possibility of using the funds for a bounty instead of a summer of code program.

Mailing list

Elizabeth suggested that, to match the Evergreen Oversight Board's name, the Evergreen Governance mailing list needed to change names. There was general agreement.

  • ACTION: Chris Sharp will create a new mailing list to match Evergreen Oversight Board and migrate all subscribers over to the new list.

Rules of Governance

Elizabeth noted that, now that we have approval from the community for the Rules of Governance, we should begin work towards accomplishing the goals that we had set for our 2012 deadline.

Determining officers

Dan suggested that the first task would be to fill the Officer positions: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary.

Amy asked what the procedure would be for determining these positions, and Dan suggested (in the absence of a process) that we could start by trying to gain consensus; if that failed, then we could fall back to a more formalized process. The board agreed to try the consensus approach and succeeded as follows:

  • Secretary: Amy Terlaga was nominated for Secretary by Eliabeth McKinney, seconded by Stephen Wills. The nomination was carried unanimously.
  • Chairperson: Jim Corridan moved that Elizabeth McKinney fill the position of Chairperson. Seconded by Lori Bowen Ayre. Galen Charlton called the motion to a vote. The nomination was carried unanimously.
  • Vice-Chairperson: Jim Corridan moved that Dan Scott fill the position of Vice-Chairperson. Seconded by Lori Bowen Ayre. Galen Charlton called the motion to a vote. The nomination was carried unanimously.

Conflict of interest guidelines

Dan Scott referred back to the issue of conflict of interest guidelines that had been raised by Stephen Wills late in the drafting process of the current Rules of Governance, and asked if Stephen would be willing to put together a proposal for the next meeting. Stephen concurred.

  • ACTION: Stephen Wills will prepare a proposal to be considered for adoption at the next meeting of the Evergreen Oversight Board.


The meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM EDT.

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