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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Present: Elizabeth McKinney, Dan Scott, Amy Terlaga, Wendy Knapp, Michele Montague, Jim Corridan

Financial Report

Current balance – $4,309 now, once the 2010 and 2011 conference revenue is added, approximately $14,000 would be in the account; by December 31st the 2012 conference deposit is due

2012 Conference report

Jim reported that the SFC is currently reviewing their budget and their sponsorship document; they need to make sure that their 501c3 status isn’t jeopardized by anything in their sponsorship agreement. Registration will be coming up soon.

2013 Conference Hosting Committee

They had their phone call with members of the Board and the SFC; wanted to secure their venue now, but there is not enough money in the bank; wanted to see if there could be a combined sponsorship agreement for vendors for 2012 and 2013; an alternative would be to get their deposit down as soon as the Indiana conference closed their books. Venues are filling up.


Michele Montague will check with Lori on the communications guidelines to-do list; certain guidelines still need to be drafted and shared with the community, such as:

  • how do you propose ideas and get feedback from the community
  • explain silence = consent, +1 to mean yes and -1 to mean no (with explanation)
  • how to bring a problem to the community's attention
  • how to resolve issues and when to involve the Board
  • how to start up a new working group
  • what to post on the general list vs. the dev list vs the IRC channel
  • how/where to report a bug

Board elections

Michele will volunteer to rotate off the Board; Elizabeth will see who is on the formal Board and to see who wants to rotate off; one-third need to rotate off of the Board.

Community Meeting

Dan will send out a link to the notes from the September 23rd meeting. There was some good discussion on the need for good demo servers. There were reports from the various committee meetings. For instance, the web team reported on their work to improve the Evergreen website. Dan suggested that we use the community meeting forum to solicit community member feedback on our communication guidelines.

Next Board Meeting

Elizabeth suggested that we keep it for October 18th, 1pm Eastern time. It may be cancelled if it's too soon for the Board to meet. The meeting adjourned at 1:28pm.

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