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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Present: Elizabeth McKinney, Dan Scott, Amy Terlaga, Lori Bowen Ayre, Michele Montague, Jim Corridan, Shauna Berger, Bradley Kuhn, Tony Sebro, Steve Wills, Tim Daniels, Galen Charlton


I. Financial Report

Bradley reported that as of today there is $14,248.48 in our banking account plus $1,650 and money coming in from sponsorships. We have enough to pay the deposit for 2012. $15,000 is owed. Jim will get the hotel to send an invoice.

II. Evergreen Conference 2012

  • MOU with ESI – all conditions are met on this MOU, so it can be signed as written. Should the committee members be listed in the MOU? Shauna needs some guidance regarding the final local arrangements committee; does it need to be approved by the governance board? Discussion ensued and it was agreed by the board that delegating this to the conference committee was a good plan. Jim is on both the conference committee and the board and can authorize payments. Galen, as representative of ESI, would like to be kept in the loop, as well as Corrine Hall of ESI. The process will be that anybody can send SFC conference expenses, the SFC will send them to Jim, Corinne, and Galen. Only Jim will need to approve.
  • Conference Budget – Elizabeth asked the board to review it, if there are questions, send to Jim and Shauna. Jim reported that they’ve been slightly conservative on the income side and he plans to turn a bigger profit than the budget shows. Lori moved that we tentatively approve the budget and if anyone has any objections, they have until close of business day tomorrow. Jim seconded the motion.

Dan volunteered to investigate Google sponsorships for the conference. Shauna welcomed that idea . The motion carried unanimously.

  • Platform (EventBrite) – Shauna reported that conference reservations are open now. They had already used Evanced so they explored that, but it didn’t work out. It was more economical to go with EventBrite with a GoogleCheckout and PayPal option.
  • Early Bird Registration and hotel reservations – Shauna reported that hotel reservations are now open. There is a link available in the conference blog underneath Venue. Bradley reported that registrations will be imported once a week. There have been seven registrations so far.
  • Keynote Speakers – Shauna sent out documents on two possible keynote speakers. It was suggested by multiple Board members that there might be other speakers to consider. Jim put forth that suggestions should be given by the end of this month. Any suggestions will be put on the Oversight Board list.

III. Evergreen Conference 2013

Ben Hyman couldn’t attend today’s meeting, but there is some concern about the conference committee making their deposit. Their proposal (budget plus venue) will be sent in the next week or so.

IV. Oversight Board

  • Trademark policy - see email "proposed trademark policy for Evergreen project" sent Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 12:36 PM)

Bradley reported that he sent around the template form for trademark policy. As long as it fits the charitable purpose, it should be okay. The SFC will contact the Georgia Public Library Service to assign the trademark to the SFC. Elizabeth thought that the template looked fine. There are three spots for optional text; one of these is for merchandising. It is often easier to permit merchandising. The other option has to do with using the marks as part of a product name. The last optional section makes reference to the fact that there is a copyright license which is separate. Galen would like to see this in there. Galen also has a question about international trademarks – is there any provision for the SFC to maintain the trademark internationally? Bradley replied yes, but with international trademarks, it can get quite expensive. You have to go to each country’s trademark office. Galen moved that the oversight board approve the SFC’s with the following three options intact. Dan seconded it. Tony mentioned that they still needed additional information from the Board like all names and nicknames of the trademark to be included in the policy. The motion passed unanimously. Tony asked if there any other names that need to be included? Evergreen-ils and egils were offered up. Should conference logos be included? Tony didn’t think so unless the conference name becomes catchy in and of itself. Dan, Galen, and GPLS will compare notes and will present to the board and SFC in the next week or two.

  • Oversight Board Elections The Board will deal with this via email.
  • Current Members
    • Jim Corridan
    • Elizabeth McKinney
    • Lori Ayre
    • Galen Charlton
    • Tim Daniels
    • Stephen Elfstrand
    • Jed Moffitt
    • Michelle Montague
    • Dan Scott
    • Amy Terlaga
    • Steve Wills
  • Conflict of Interest/Ethics Policy - See email from Stephen Wills - November 15, 2011 8:45 AM

Elizabeth asked Tony and Bradley if they had anything to share. They are in the process of developing a conflict of interest/ethics policy themselves. Tony will see if he can find one that they can share with the Board. Steve will confer with Bradley and Tony on this and the conflict of interest policy.

  • Oversight Board Role with Conferences

Elizabeth is also looking for someone to draft something for the rules of governance about this. For instance, we should be involved with the financial side, giving approval, but then we’d delegate the detailed spending to another conference committee. Steve Wills volunteered to draft this.

V. Communications Committee

Lori sent the Participation Guidelines for Evergreen Communication to the Board. The plan is to put it on the website somewhere prominent and to also send out emails to remind people. Lori would like the Board to send feedback within the next two weeks.

Question from Steve Elfstrand – will we meet at the conference? Elizabeth replied that there will be a meeting of just the Board, but another meeting with the membership to report on the results of the elections. Thursday afternoon could be the day that the Board meets and Saturday would be the day for the public meeting.

Question from Steve Elfstrand – will there be something on Fulfillment at the Evergreen conference? Is Fullfillment a separate project? Galen reported that yes, this is a separate project, but ESI does plan on reporting back to the membership on Fulfillment at the Evergreen conference.

VII. Recap and Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 2:14pm.

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