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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Present: Elizabeth McKinney, Amy Terlaga, Lori Bowen Ayre, Michele Montague, Jim Corridan, Galen Charlton, Steven Elfstrand

Elizabeth asked if the minutes from the January 17th meeting were reviewed. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. Jim moved to accept. Galen accepted.

Financial Budget

Galen will send out a financial update to the committee via email.

2012 Conference Committee

Jim reported that they had 229 people registered for the conference. They will be able to repay the first $15,000 that they used for a deposit. There are currently nine exhibitors and fifteen sponsors. There will be a registration fee for one day - $75. Financially they are in good shape.

Elizabeth brought up that a vendor wanted a list of all attendees. Since we didn’t ask for an opt in and opt out, this should be an automatic opt out. The conference planners will send out the information on behalf of the vendor instead.

GPL Enforcement

Bradley suggested via email the following motion: Evergreen Oversight Board asks Conservancy to carry out GPL enforcement activities should such ever become necessary, provided Conservancy fully coordinates with the Oversight Board and that some Evergreen copyright holders sign an enforcement agreement as presented by Conservancy. Galen talked with Bradley to see if Equinox could be part of that agreement but not sign over their copyright interest. Equinox could act in parallel with what the conservancy would be doing. Jim asked how much of the copyright interest does Equinox hold? GPLS holds some, Equinox holds some, and now if the SFC holds a piece, there would be some need to see if the SFC could act as an agent in cases of copyright violation. Elizabeth reported that all of GPLS’ copyright interest will be signed over to the SFC on behalf of the community. Jim moved, Elizabeth seconded. Galen abstained given Equinox’s position.

Outreach Program for Women Internships

Galen explained that over the past few years, women attending open source conferences have not been as welcomed as they should be. With the Evergreen conference, this has not been a problem, except for the active code committers. He would like to see more diversity. The downside is that there would be a financial commitment of $5,000 or so plus there would have to be mentor volunteers. Is this something the group would like to try for this year or perhaps in future years? Elizabeth pointed out that right now we’re still trying to get our conferences off the ground and she is suggesting that we table this for this year’s conference. Steven, Michele, and Jim agreed. Galen would also like to communicate this with Bradley, that this is on our radar for future years. Elizabeth also stated that if a woman were to emerge, we could work to make that happen for her.

Proposed Board Composition and Elections

We still need a nominating committee and membership/elections committee. Elizabeth thought that one of us should head up each committee and then to put a call out to the lists. Galen is still interested in the elections committee. Galen still needs to provide the wording for the governance committee documents that describes these committees. These language changes will be sent by this Friday to the group. Selectricity will still be the way to hold these elections. Galen will put a call out for volunteers for this membership/elections committee. He will email the board once he finds his additional volunteers. Elizabeth and Jim will serve on the nominating committee and get another volunteer from the community. Elizabeth was given the authority to choose this third committee member. There will be three board members who will rotate off. Michele Montague is one member; Elizabeth and Jim will work on finding the other two.

Our next meeting is April 17th. We will also meet as needed. Elizabeth thinks that the board is also meeting on Thursday afternoon while at the conference. Jim will work to find a slot for where and when the board can meet.

The meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.

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