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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

Thursday, April 26, 2012 (2012 International Conference, Indianapolis)


Present: Elizabeth McKinney, Amy Terlaga, Lori Bowen Ayre, Michele Montague, Steven Elfstrand, Jim Corridan, Bradley Kuhn, Galen Charlton, Kathy Lussier, Ben Hyman, Rogan Hamby, Steve Wills


Bradley explained that half his salary is covered by the various projects. They’re spending too much time trying to raise money for their salaries. The Conservancy will be requesting to raise the amount for each project to 10%. (Evergreen currently gives 5%.) Bradley will help to raise funds for Evergreen in return. Elizabeth pointed out the value the Conservancy has had in planning conferences and asset management, copyright enforcement. Jim Corridan explained that the only source of revenue right now is from the conference. Fees may need to be increased for subsequent conferences. Bradley suggested that increases in sponsorships could be done as well. We could also explore the selling of merchandise.

Dan asked what did we contribute to the Conservancy for this past year. $3,470.50 was given to the Conservancy as of two days ago. The tangible and intangible benefits have been great.

Jim made the motion that we supply 10% of our gross revenue to the SFC as of July 1st. Galen seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.

Bradley will check with Tony to see about how to update the fiscal sponsorship agreement. Bradley will send around a draft for the Board to review.

Current Elections

There are two official members rotating off and rotate the three new members on – Ben Hyman, Rogan Hamby, Kathy Lussier. Those existing members will be rotated off by one-third each year. Galen made the motion that there should be three year terms. Four individuals will go off in one year, four will go off in two years, three in three years. Jim seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. This change will be updated in the governance rules.

Agenda for Saturday’s Board Update Meeting at the conference

- The changes in the Conservancy agreement (Bradley) - The Evergreen budget (Dan) - The Oversight Board policy developments (conflict of interest – Steve Wills, ad hoc committees – Elizabeth, trademark policy – Elizabeth) - The election, Board terms - Priorities for the coming year (rules of governance, elections, membership and election committee (Galen), process, fundraising opportunities)

The group will look into Evergreen items for sale. Bradley will see if he can organize a cross-project merchandise committee. Amy volunteered to be on it.

Lori showed some new Evergreen logo designs.

Membership fee – Stephen Elfstrand raised the issue. Bradley explained that what many projects do is ask for corporate sponsorship fees – gold, silver, bronze – and then the business logo could go on the Evergreen website. Lori suggested that there might be a special class of membership or sponsorship for a fee will get you some Evergreen merchandise. Dan said this could be tied to sponsoring students to Summer of Code or to the conference.

Elections – Stephen Elfstrand had a question about the ballot process. Galen had to ask for names to verify voting members. In the future, we could use the Conservancy to provide the ballot process. We’ll need to maintain the membership roll in the future.

Galen made the motion that the following criteria be in place for proof of membership: Are you an individual who has contributed code, documentation or other work to the Evergreen project within the past twelve months? Are you or your employer running Evergreen?

There will be a mandatory evaluation by/within 24 months of the meeting (before April 2014) to look at any abuse or need for adjustment to the definition. All members will be required to register at least thirty days before the election in order to vote. The membership committee must ratify the individual to be certain they meet membership qualifications.

Dan seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 5:27pm.

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