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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Present: Elizabeth McKinney, Amy Terlaga, Rogan Hamby, Lori Ayre, Kathy Lussier, Ben Hyman, Steve Wills, Galen Charlton, Jim Corridan (with Jason Etheridge)

Election of Officers; Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary

Elizabeth asked for nominations. Galen volunteered for vice-chair. Amy was volunteered for chair, but declined in favor of staying on as secretary. Galen was volunteered for chair. Ben was volunteered for vice-chair. Jim moved that we close nominations. Lori seconded. The nominations passed unanimously.

Follow up from conference

Jim gave a summary. The evaluations are open for another week. The results will be sent to British Columbia when they’re all in. The conference will make about $4,600 profit. About 280 people attended the conference. Galen moved that we extend a hearty thanks to the Indiana group. Ben seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. Galen will post something formal to the list, expressing our thanks.

Strategic Investment Fund

Ben explained that currently the completion of Evergreen development projects currently rests with individual organizations. The Evergreen community, under the auspices of the SFC could work with these individual organizations to help make their projects happen. Galen suggested that we establish the fund by putting some of the conference profits into that fund. He suggested 25%. He also suggested that we can solicit donations for this fund. Elizabeth suggested that instead of a percentage, that a fixed amount be put into this fund and then make it aware to the community. Jim moved that $15,000 be set aside for next year’s conference committee and the rest of the profit would be put into the fund. Elizabeth seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Elizabeth and Tony from the SFC have been talking about the trademark transfer to the SFC. The university’s board of regents hasn’t dealt with this yet.

Financial Report

Galen does not have the numbers, but will email them to the Board and Amy will add to the minutes.

Received on 5/16/02 and added on 5/17/02:

        $32,847.88  Expenses:Evergreen
           $302.04    Banking Fees
        $32,473.84    Conferences
            $72.00    Hosting
       $-65,959.04  Income:Evergreen
       $-51,059.40    Conferences
       $-14,898.97    Donations
            $-0.67    Interest



*Note: There are still some outstanding invoices from the 2012 Conference to be paid.

Communications Committee

Lori reported that the committee held their first meeting since the conference. Amy launched the first newsletter. Lori and others will work on posting communication guidelines for suggesting new development. June will update the communication guidelines. Jim Craner, Lori, Anoop, and Steve Wills will be working on a proof of concept for a new Drupal-based site.

Conference Committee

Ben Hyman reported that the 2012 Local Planning Team is still working out the roles and protocols between them and the SFC. They will be documenting the relationship for future conference committees. On the 27th, Ben circulated a revised budget. In the future, he’d like to submit just pieces of the budget, not the whole budget for approval. They have some initial commitments from sponsors including Fluevog Shoes – open source shoes. Ben will provide an update from the local planning team at our next board meeting.

Galen brought up Dan Scott’s email from May 9th. We should recognize the 2013 conference committee as a formal ad hoc committee, with Ben Hyman as chair. Galen moved; Elizabeth seconded. The motion passed with one abstention (Ben Hyman). Ben Hyman will be the liaison to the SFC.

Jim Corridan suggested that Ben and his team order extra Internet access to accommodate all attendees.

Elizabeth moved that we approve the 2013 conference budget. Jim seconded. The motion passed.

Jim Corridan suggested that those who have just hosted the conference will select the conference two years’ from that just hosted conference. Since the Georgia conference team chose Vancouver, the Indiana team will choose the conference in 2014.

Open Time

Rogan asked if those on the communications committee would work on development projects. Galen brought up that there are two different scenarios for development funding through the Oversight Board. In one scenario – the Oversight Board could be the fiscal sponsor of projects, handling funds pooled by libraries for a specific project. Another scenario would be that there would be money available in the strategic fund for projects. Ben suggested that it be made clear on the website what projects a person would be donating to. Ben asked if some money had been donated via the website and Galen replied that it has been a small amount. The next steps would be to flesh out what the funds would be used for. We could engage the community in the discussion. We could post to the general list that the strategic fund has been created. Ben suggested that a strategy would need to be shaped before it is taken to the broader community. Lori mentioned that the Evergreen web team has been exploring an idea percolator – a means for the community to vote on specific enhancement proposals. Galen suggested that we put together a slate of things for the community to vote on. Galen asked for volunteers – Galen, Rogan, Kathy, and Elizabeth will serve on this informal discussion group to guide a discussion on the general mailing list and come back with a concrete set of ideas and procedures to the Board. Rogan will be the lead.

Amy asked about the swag committee. Lori will be looking at new logo options. Bradley will be consulted regarding changing the logo. Trademark issues need to be resolved. Lori will raise the issue of refreshing the logo on the general list.


The meeting adjourned at 2:08pm

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