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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

June 13, 2012


Present: Galen Charlton, Amy Terlaga, Dan Scott, Amy Terlaga, Kathy Lussier, Lori Ayre, Ben Hyman, Jim Corridan, Rogan Hamby, Stephen Elfstrand, Steve Wills

Review of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Galen asked the group if they had any questions, concerns, or changes to the minutes of the last meeting. Hearing nothing, Galen moved that the Board approve the minutes. Rogan Hamby seconded it. The motion passed.

Financial Report

Dan Scott reported the following:

        $44,961.37  Expenses:Evergreen
           $328.83    Banking Fees
        $44,560.54    Conferences
            $72.00    Hosting
       $-65,524.04  Income:Evergreen
       $-50,624.40    Conferences
       $-14,898.97    Donations
            $-0.67    Interest
          $-951.11  Unearned Income:Evergreen:Conferences



Evergreen Web Team/Communications Committee Report

Lori explained that the web team is currently working on developing a mock-up for a new Evergreen website. There is a sub-committee of Anoop, Alexy, and Jim Craner. They are implementing a Drupal instance based on what was determined by the community as their needs over the past year. Something should be ready soon for the committee to look at. There are two parts – taking existing content from the current website and moving it into the Drupal instance. Lori explained that the web team and others needed to resolve ownership /content responsibility. There is no protocol in place for distributed control of areas of the website. For instance, who decides how to change the home page? There should be a conversation or community discussion regarding this. How does the decision about what gets posted on the blog get made? Do we want to change this? Dan suggested putting in place an infrastructure committee. He also suggested having the conversation on the Evergreen list so that members of the community can have input. Lori expressed some frustration in moving forward with the new website and the need to ask for approval for every change made on the website. Is the web team empowered to make these infrastructure changes and if so, what protocol should they follow? Dan was interested in seeing a mock-up of the new website. Dan was also interested in seeing a conversation happen between the infrastructure sub-committee and those who are currently working on making changes on the website. Kathy suggested that this could be brought up at a community meeting; she knows that Ben and Anoop have been actively making changes on the website. Lori pointed out that both Ben and Anoop have been able to make changes without running it by the community. Galen suggested that a call be put out on both the general and dev lists for those individuals who have access to the website and the blog to identify themselves. Galen also expressed an opinion that the change to the Drupal site should be an easy sell as long as it is presented to the community well. Galen suggested that the web team follow Lebbeous’ weekly summaries approach. Lori explained that they will communicate to the community that way. She wanted to know if the team should also work on the incremental changes to the existing website and if so, how do these changes get implemented? Dan is interested in an infrastructure team to help determine how a decision gets made. Dan is not in favor of a top-down approach, but rather have this come from the community. Galen suggested that the incremental changes are already happening and we should continue to let them happen. If the web team sees something that needs changing, this should be fine as long as those others making the changes can continue to do this. Lori wants to see a more even distribution model. Galen thinks this should be brought to a community meeting as soon as there is something to show with the new Drupal website; there could be a call out to others for their input at this time. Lori is concerned about the IRC channel as the only forum for those who want to participate. She will also take it to general list. Ben thinks that the Board should be involved with this since ultimately funding is involved. (Galen pointed out that the web servers are donated at the moment.) He thinks a happy medium could be struck between the community and the Board. Lori will work with the web team to communicate better with the community.

Lori will get the new wording for the mailing lists on the website.

Lori thanked everyone for the conversation.

Evergreen 2013 Conference Committee

The local planning team is meeting regularly. The conference package is almost completed. Sponsors list is being drawn up, with help from King County. There have been some adjustments to the footprint of the conference. Ben asked the Board if they were comfortable with small changes made between his team and the SFC over the conference budget. Galen thinks that we should empower the conference committee to make changes as long as they stay within the approved budget. If any major changes are made, they should be reported on at monthly Board meetings. If the budget were made available for inspection, that would help. Lori supported this approach. Stephen Elfstrand and Jim Corridan concurred. Jim explained that the SFC has its own checks and balances. Ben will get back to Bradley to sum things up.

Evergreen 2012 Conference

The 2012 conference returned a $5,500 profit.

Update on Trademark

This was tabled due to Elizabeth’s absence. Galen will ask Elizabeth to provide an update to the mailing list.

Strategic Investment Fund discussion

Rogan reported that they put together a mailing list. There hasn’t been much discussion on this yet. He invited discussion about how funds could be used. He’d like to consider a Hacking Get Away annually for developers. Dan had raised the idea with some of the other developers at the end of the conference. He expressed a worry that some of the other developers wouldn’t get support from their funding authorities for this so this would be a good place to raise funds to sponsor them. He liked the idea. Rogan thought that this would be an easy sell to sponsors.

Galen asked if we had consensus to move forward with this. He also asked for volunteers to head up a committee to organize this event. Rogan volunteered to head up this committee but he first wanted to write something up and share with the lists.

Stephen Elfstrand asked about the location and what would make the most sense. Galen offered the ESI offices as a possible location. Rogan liked the idea of opening this up to other communities as well.

Galen moved that Rogan be asked to organize a sub-committee to present a budget request and organize a Hacking Get Away. Kathy seconded it. The motion carried.

Strategic Investment Fund – Bradley Kuhn concerns

Galen referred to Bradley Kuhn’s email that expressed concern that we should leave untouched the conference funds and that we create some fundraising opportunities. Galen suggested that we explore possibilities for fundraising and that we should take it to the next meeting for discussion. Amy asked about selling Evergreen branded items. Galen mentioned that we’re waiting on the new logo before that is explored.


The meeting adjourned at 1:10pm.

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