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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Present: Ben Hyman, Amy Terlaga, Galen Charlton, Dan Scott, Lori Ayre, Steve Wills, Rogan Hamby, Elizabeth McKinney, Kathy Lussier

1. Review of minutes from previous meeting

Galen asked for any corrections to the minutes. Steve Wills mentioned that he came late to the meeting. Amy will update them to reflect that.

2. Financial Report

The numbers were exactly the same from the previous meeting’s.

        $44,961.37  Expenses:Evergreen
           $328.83    Banking Fees
        $44,560.54    Conferences
            $72.00    Hosting
       $-65,524.04  Income:Evergreen
       $-50,624.40    Conferences
       $-14,898.97    Donations
            $-0.67    Interest
          $-951.11  Unearned Income:Evergreen:Conferences



The last receipt to come in was from the Hyatt (Indianapolis).

3. Evergreen Web Team/Communications Committee Report

Lori sent out an email update. It includes the web team’s meeting notes from the team working on the Drupal instance. It also includes the link to the initial layout of the website. Alexey is the spokesperson working with the community and he did send out an email explaining where they’re at with the project. Galen thanked Lori and the rest of the team in making good progress in getting this prototype set up.

4. Evergreen Conference Committee Report

 a. Indiana wrap-up (if needed) – Jim Corridan was not present for the meeting so this was skipped.
 b. Vancouver – Bradley and the SFC are doing some research on tax credits.  The SFC may qualify for rebates.  By the fall, there will be a more formal 
 report on registrations, etc.  Galen asked how many sponsor possibilities they currently have.  Ben replied that the number was about 40.  Galen asked 
 if there was a chance for local sponsors like restaurants.  Ben replied yes, Fluevog shoes would be a good sponsor opportunity.  Fluevog may sponsor a 
 reception.  Tara Robertson has also been going to local stores door to door to see about sponsorship possibilities.

5. Hack-A-Way proposal

Rogan sent out an email about this proposal a few days ago. This could be a mini-event, an opportunity for developers to get together. Rogan thinks that this should be a completely self-sustaining event. This first one will probably be small. Next steps – send out an announcement to the developer and general lists, to see who can sponsor themselves, as well as request proposals for sponsoring the event. This will be like a hack fest, a chance for the developers to work together on projects. Lori asked how they would decide what to work on and Rogan replied that that would be up to the developers. Lori thought that the community could play a role here, as well. Rogan agreed. Galen explained that there should be an agenda to help institutions decide whether or not to send someone to it. This could be discussed on IRC and the mailing list and then provided to the community.

Ben wondered if this fell out of our previous conversation about the Strategic Investment Fund. Rogan said yes, that originally some of the money from the fund would be used for this hack fest, but now it was decided that it should be self-sustaining. Ben was wondering if this should be tied to the Strategic Investment Fund as it could be held up as a model. Galen thought that if it succeeds in the first year as self-funding, that would be a good precedent as well. Galen thought that as long as an institution was willing to offer up its space and individuals could send themselves without outside funding, then this could potentially stand on its own. Rogan has already talked to one group informally. Galen said that we should require any host institutions to disclaim any liability on the part of the Evergreen Project. If the event gets into any kind of financial trouble, the Board would not be able to bail it out.

Galen was wondering if the Board was ready to give its blessing to the project. Steve Wills was a little unclear as to the Board’s role in this if the Board wasn’t liable for the project. Rogan explained that members of the Board can serve on the working group. Lori volunteered to help find sponsors. Dan can help find sponsors as well. Since he plans to talk to Google anyway about the 2013 conference, he can talk to them about this as well. Galen asked if there were any objections to Rogan moving forward with the project? Elizabeth suggested that Rogan work under the ad hoc group model that we all agreed to earlier in the year. Rogan said that he will proceed.

6. Update on Trademark

Elizabeth hasn’t heard anything from Tony with the SFC or with the Board of Regents lawyers. Galen asked if it would help if we pursued it with Tony or we need to wait on the Board of Regents. Elizabeth said that if Galen wanted to ask Tony that that would be fine. UPDATE: Galen corresponded with Tony after the meeting, and he confirmed that discussions regarding the trademark are still underway with the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. Tony will update the Oversight Board whenever there's concrete news to share.

7. Adjourn

The August Board meeting will be Wednesday, August 8th, at 12noon Eastern time. The meeting adjourned at 12:45pm.

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