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Minutes of 2012-12-12 Oversight Board

Present: Lori Ayre, Dan Scott, Rogan Hamby, Kathy Lussier, Galen Charlton, Jim Corridan, Stephen Wills

Review of minutes from previous meeting

Motion: to accept the minutes from 2012-11-14: Jim / Rogan

  • Motion carried

Financial Report

Dan presented the current state of the Evergreen account:

          $52,568.91  Expenses:Evergreen
             $571.43    Banking Fees
              $94.90      AMEX
              $36.00      Foreign Collection
             $392.42      PayPal
              $23.11      Square Up
              $25.00      Wire Transfer Fees
          $51,919.00    Conferences
          $51,545.65      2012
              $34.93      2013
             $338.42      Doc Sprint 2012
               $6.48    Currency Conversion
              $72.00    Hosting:Domains
         $-81,566.31  Income:Evergreen
         $-64,815.25    Conferences
         $-50,327.70      2012
         $-14,487.55      2013
             $-47.83    Currency Conversion
         $-16,698.97    Donations
         $-12,653.90      Equinox
          $-1,140.00      GPLS
          $-2,750.00      Google
            $-155.07      Individual
              $-4.26    Interest:Dividend
          $-6,253.90  Unearned Income:Evergreen:Conferences:2013

So - we're currently $32,251.30 in the black. As you can see, very little expense has been incurred so far from the 2013 conference, so expect that to start eating into our account in the near future.

You may also note some expenses incurred by the Doc Sprint; Google generously agreed to cover these expenses, so there will be offsetting income once the invoice has been issued from the SFC to Google for those expenses and the invoice is paid.

Some more expenses for Doc Sprint may be forthcoming, but Google is expected to generously cover 100% of that.

Evergreen Web Team/Communications Committee Report

Lori stated that she had nothing to report, as the effort has not been able to get traction. She was hoping that someone on the Web Team would move into a leadership role to drive the effort, as the website is ready for editing, but that has not yet happened.

The effort would consist mostly of moving content to the new website, and editing it as it moves. Unfortunately it seems like everyone is too busy to handle the effort. Although Lori is willing to pay Jim Craner to do the work, he doesn't have the subject knowledge necessary to edit the content.

Galen wondered whether Amy might be interested in publishing the newsletter on the new site as a first step.

Galen suggested bringing this to the next Evergreen community meeting, to find volunteers.

Lori stated that her goal had been for this to be a site that could be edited and contributed to by many people, but perhaps it needs to be reduced in scope if no interest is forthcoming. She thought that a hackfest at the conference might be another approach to getting the new website up and running.

Galen thought that we might be able to force the issue by scheduling a switch-over to the new web site, say at the same time as the conference.

Dan wondered whether there was any collateral / invitations to the community to contribute, with a how-to for getting an account, adding a page, etc, to the prototype new website. Lori replied that at this point, that has not been extended to the general community.

Kathy wondered if the community has enough interest & time to contribute to the new site; perhaps that's an indication that it's not enough of priority for all the other contributions that each person gives to the community.

Dan suggested (based on Allen Gunn's suggestions at the Doc Sprint for how to get help with the book on an ongoing basis) that small, concrete asks for help would be a way to engage the community in getting small wins and prevent it from seeming like an overwhelming effort. Kathy supported this suggestion. Lori and Stephen agreed that putting together a list of discrete tasks that need help would be a good next step.

ACTION: Stephen Wills will send an email to try to re-energize the Web committee and get a status update.

Evergreen 2013 Conference Committee Report

Ben sent his regrets, as he is on the road, but will have a comprehensive update for the next meeting.

Report from the Evergreen 2014 Conference site selection committee

Jim Corridan reported that the site selection committee recommended the MassLNC / Bibliomation proposal be accepted for the Evergreen 2014 conference. Hotel prices will be in the $150 / night range.

There was only one proposal, but the committee thought that it was very high-quality.

Motion: To accept the MassLNC Bibliomation proposal for Evergreen 2014: Jim / Rogan

  • Motion carried, with one abstention.

Galen suggested that the Evergreen 2014 committee be ready as soon as possible to work with the SFC, to ensure compliance with SFC guidelines on sponsorships, etc.

Google Doc Camp report

Kathy wrote a (thorough and awesome - ed) blog post that summarized the Doc Sprint experience of creating Evergreen in Action.

Now that the core group has gone through the Doc Sprint process, they would like to extend that model through the community (with new books focuses on particular areas, and with smaller doc sprints focused on updating documentation, and with doc sprints in parallel with efforts like the Hack-a-Way).

Lulu book sales proposal

Dan explained that the base price for printing a physical book on was less than $10 for a book our size, but that the authors could assign a profit margin of their choice, of which Lulu would take 20% of the revenue, and direct the rest of the proceeds to the authors account. Similarly, the ePub and PDF could be made available on for free, but if the authors choose to price in a profit margin, Lulu takes 10% of that.

This spawned a fund-raising idea: make the books available at $25 per print copy, and $5 per ePub or PDF copy, and direct the proceeds to the Evergreen-earmarked SFC account. SFC would take their 10% and the rest would be available to the Evergreen project. Tony Sebro at SFC reviewed the Lulu terms of service, found that they were acceptable to the SFC, and created an SFC account at (with the thought that other SFC projects may also want to try this fund-raising approach).

The Doc Sprint team licensed all the material that they created under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 and will make free versions of the ePub and PDF available as well, but they want to push the "Contribute to the Evergreen project" option and also invite the community to contribute to the book itself in various ways.

Motion: To approve the proposal of publishing the book on Lulu at $25/print copy, $5/ePub and PDF, with net proceeds going to the Evergreen project: Dan / Kathy

  • Motion carried.

Oversight Board meeting at 2013 Conference

We need a time and place for an in-person meeting of the Oversight Board.

There is a half-hour slot in the conference for an update to the attendees on Saturday morning; we need to meet in advance to prepare for that.

ACTION: Galen to work with Tara to book a time and room for the meeting

Kathy Lussier will have to leave early on Saturday. Stephen Wills is not yet sure whether he will be able to attend.

Election of new Oversight Board members

Dan noted that it's time to begin thinking about elections for the Board for 2013. We are on a 3-year cycle for membership on the Oversight Board.

Dan reiterated his willingness and intent to step down this year, leaving two other founding board member positions that need to be turned over.

ACTION: Galen asked anyone willing to step down to send him a private email.

Grants and fundraising

ACTION: Galen to call a community meeting with a focus on grant-writing somewhere between the weeks of January 7th and January 14th.

Lori has been compiling a list of agencies that seem to be willing to fund library projects (two to three more than IMLS and …)

ACTION: Galen will approach the Gates Foundation to see if they are willing to support an open source project like ours

Next scheduled meetings

  • Wednesday, January 9th
  • Wednesday, February 13th

Motion: To adjourn: Jim / Rogan

Meeting adjourned at 12:54

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