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Evergreen Oversight Board Minutes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Attending: Galen Charlton, Amy Terlaga, Ben Hyman, Rogan Hamby, Steve Wills, Lori Ayre, Kathy Lussier

Meeting called to order at 12:08 (all times EST)

1. Review of minutes from previous meeting – Galen asked if there were any questions about the minutes. None were raised. The minutes were accepted.

2. Financial Report – Dan hasn’t had a chance to put them together. He’ll send it out in the next day or two. Galen asked if we had any questions about the finances. There were none.

{Note: Dan submitted the financial summary via email later on 2/13/13}:

        $48,860.73  Expenses:Evergreen
           $711.68    Banking Fees
            $94.90      AMEX
            $36.00      Foreign Collection
            $99.10      Google Checkout
           $433.57      PayPal
            $23.11      Square Up
            $25.00      Wire Transfer Fees
        $48,062.54    Conferences
         $8,400.80      AV
            $-8.03      Doc Sprint 2012
        $30,346.03      Food
         $1,500.00      Honoraria
         $2,986.36      Materials
           $911.68      Services
           $415.67      Travel
         $3,510.02      Venue
            $14.51    Currency Conversion
            $72.00    Hosting:Domains
       $-84,371.30  Income:Evergreen
          $-332.50    Advertising
       $-49,372.50    Conferences
        $-1,699.55      2013
       $-30,710.20      Registrations
       $-15,612.75      Sponsorship
        $-1,350.00      UNKNOWN-FIXME
           $-47.83    Currency Conversion
       $-34,614.21    Donations
       $-12,653.90      Equinox
        $-1,140.00      GPLS
        $-2,750.00      Google
            $-4.26    Interest:Dividend
       $-11,710.43  Unearned Income: (Conf Registrations)



3. Evergreen Web Team/Communications Committee Report

Steve Wills gave an update. He just sent out an email to gather the team together. He just set up a contrib area to the site. Live content could be added while keeping the existing site updated. He will work with the development community to see if the changes he’s making get adopted. At that point it’s no longer a point of content migration, but going back to the roadmap to see what else needs to be included. Steve is working with Ben Shum on adding content to the production site. Steve is not sure if they’ve convinced the community to adopt the new site. Steve thinks that we need to get the web team back on board to move the project forward. Lori is willing to fund Jim Craner’s time on this project at least until the conference. Steve Wills can afford a couple of hours each week to work on the project. Steve may need some developer support on the current website’s access issues. And he also needs some access for others to the Drupal site. Lori can help with this. Galen asked about the long term hosting arrangement on the Drupal website? Lori can continue to host it or have it moved elsewhere, whatever the community wants.

4. Evergreen 2013 Conference Committee Report

Ben sent an email summary the day before.

{begin email summary}

Evergreen 2013 Conference Committee Report:

-The full conference schedule is now posted:

-120 conference registrants (58% of original target)

-99% of the room block is now booked (wahoo!). Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia and others are showing reasonable availability for nearby hotels, so at this point we do not plan to negotiate a secondary room block with another property

-$32,300 in sponsorship commitments/slightly less collected. (24% ahead of target)

-A/V addendum being hammered out this month; Catering addendum will come together once registrant figures firm up. Tony @ SFC is standing by for penultimate addendums in March.

-Budget; still planning within approved overall budget envelope, though registration numbers, catering and A/V are now expected to exert influence on revenues and expenditures. The local planning team meets Feb 20. I will bring revised budget targets to the Oversight Board by the end of February.

-The local 100% voluntary planning team continues to do an amazing job - I'm really impressed! {end email summary}

The registration numbers are low. They are within target of the approved budget. Ben will know soon after the 20th how they’re looking in terms of the budget. Ben is working with Amy on the T-shirt sales, purchasing them from a site in Vancouver.

4a. Setting time for EOB meeting at the Evergreen conference Galen explained that we were considering 8am on Saturday, April 13th, with a catered breakfast. Galen moved that this time be accepted, Rogan seconded it. The motion carried.

4b. Planning the Oversight Committee update at the Evergreen conference Galen opened the floor to suggestions for the committee update. Steve Wills suggested that the new website could be highlighted here. Steve suggested that we add the web team to the agenda in the hope that they will get more work done before the conference. Trademark policy could also be highlighted. Rogan suggested we open up the discussion – how do we better coordinate with the community. For instance, how do we provide better QA? Kathy suggested we talk about what role the Board should have in the community? Galen asked Rogan and Kathy if they could come up with a Q&A session for Saturday. Kathy will help but she will not be there on Saturday. Rogan will conduct the session. This agenda item will be carried over to the March meeting.

5. T-shirt sales

Amy presented her plan to the Board for T-shirt sales. Ben Hyman recommended Kraftmedia, a Vancouver based T-shirt site to her. T-shirts are reasonably priced - $7.95 for orders of 24-49. She would like to begin with pre-orders on the Evergreen lists to gauge interest, then collect money through a Conservancy supported website. She needs to work out some logistical details with Bradley and Tony first, then would like to take it to the lists. March 8th would be the deadline in getting orders in.

Lori moved that Amy move forward with the project. Kathy seconded. The motion carried.

6. Technical edits to Evergreen trademark policy

Galen explained that the links to the EPS file and SVG file need to be established. The Board would need to adopt the clause from GPLS that if the color is being printed, it would need to be Pantone 340. Lori and Kathy were wondering if the color scheme needed to be in the policy, but rather, just put it on the website. Galen will put together a brief update for the Board to look at, then run that by Tony. Then the policy should be put somewhere prominent on the website. Kathy asked if a .jpg version of the logo could be added to the website. Steve Wills will help with this.

7. Progress report on EOB elections

Kathy put out an email to the Evergreen list and put something on the blog, looking for volunteers. She had no volunteers, but she was given names of people. Names should be in by March 20th.

8. Grants and fundraising.

Galen is still looking for ideas for fundraising. He hasn’t had time but hopes to get to it this month. Rogan thinks we should draw on people from the community to help with this.

Next meeting – Wednesday, March 13th, 12noon.

The meeting adjourned at 1:08pm Eastern time.

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