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Evergreen Oversight Board Minutes

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Attending: Galen Charlton, Amy Terlaga, Jim Corridan, Kathy Lussier, Elizabeth McKinney, Dan Scott, Ben Hyman

The meeting began from 12:12pm

1. Review of minutes from previous meeting. Jim moved we approve the minutes. Galen seconded. The motion carried.

2. Financial Report

As of 2013-03-12 at 19:00 EDT:

        $49,579.85  Expenses:Evergreen
           $998.95    Banking Fees
        $48,494.39    Conferences
         $8,400.80      AV
            $-8.03      Doc Sprint 2012
        $30,346.03      Food
         $1,500.00      Honoraria
         $3,418.21      Materials
           $911.68      Services
           $415.67      Travel
         $3,510.02      Venue
            $14.51    Currency Conversion
            $72.00    Hosting:Domains
       $-87,056.31  Income:Evergreen
          $-332.50    Advertising
       $-49,977.75    Conferences
        $-1,699.55      2013
       $-31,317.70      Registrations
       $-15,610.50      Sponsorship
        $-1,350.00      UNKNOWN-FIXME  (Conservancy will be adding this)
           $-47.83    Currency Conversion
       $-36,693.97    Donations
       $-12,653.90      Equinox
        $-1,140.00      GPLS
        $-2,750.00      Google
            $-4.26    Interest:Dividend
       $-20,396.53  Unearned



Evergreen T-shirts are being made.

3. Evergreen Web Team/Communications Committee Report

Lori emailed her report on 3/13/13:

[email begins] Hi All, I apologize that I won't be able to make the meeting today. Here's the status of the Evergreen Web Team's drupalization effort. Basically Jim has provided the Evergreen community two options. One is the site at which incorporates the basic architecture to support the expanded concept of the website. This version is based on the surveys the Web Team did and the work on defining the information and functionality needs of various personas in the Evergreen community. But, as you know, we've been having a hard time moving from our existing site to this new site architecture.

So, Jim has now also built another Drupal site that is based on the exact same architecture as the current site. The thinking is that perhaps we could make a less dramatic move and just get the site on Drupal for now and then we could incorporate features that we feel are needed as we find people who can get the work done. Or we could eventually move to the other site (or some variation thereof). Either way, getting the site onto Drupal provides us the ability to start moving to a more distributed system for managing content because it lowers the threshold for contributing. Also, Drupal provides a lot more functionality options than the basic blog and wiki technologies so we can move forward more easily if we can at least get started.

The existing site, drupalized, can be seen at It hasn't been themed to match the existing site (colors, fonts, design) but we can do that pretty quickly. I'm willing to have Jim continue work on this version so we have something to show at the conference. And, as I said before, I'm happy to continue to provide hosting and support for the site if that is of interest to the community. After the conference, I would need Jim to move into a maintenance role and people from the Evergreen community need to handle most of the content work. But I'm hoping this site will make it easier for people to find a place to grab hold of and we'll be able to get a few more people involved.

For a bit more detail, here's Jim's description of the two sites:

1) <- The original prototype site I set up for the Web Team with lots of workflow and admin features set up for editing, user feedback, etc. aimed at a collaborative migration/rebuild.

* I set up a gigantic mess of a navigation structure for it consisting of the existing site's main menu as well as all the stuff that the EG Web Team's "final" report recommended.

* Most of the actual *content* didn't exist and was just "Coming Soon" pages – the plan was to set up the nav structure and then have the volunteer editors replace the "Coming Soon" pages with refreshed and updated content page by page, pruning and optimizing the structure and content as they went.

2) <- Earlier this year we talked about EG and I suggested a plan where I develop a clone of the existing Evergreen site, basically replacing "custom PHP pages and a Dokuwiki instance" with a Drupal instance, preserving as much content, navigation, and design as possible. The plan was to basically just make Drupal available as a platform so other people besides devs could easily add content, and then eventually new features and basic content management features would be adopted by whoever is running the website. (Among other things, we could easily see the many pages that are referenced by tons of users but haven't been updated since 2011 or earlier.)

* I have all of the custom PHP pages recreated on this Drupal site and I've got at least a dozen of the most popular Dokuwiki pages integrated as well. The plan was to just get as many of the "most popularly viewed" wiki pages put in as I could do.

* I have the entire menu/navigation structure recreated on this Drupal site, and as I mentioned, I have a solution for preserving/modifying the existing Dokuwiki URLs that may exist on the Internet.

* This plan also included having Ian develop a quickie Drupal theme for this new site that is basically a functional clone of the existing EG-ILS theme. This was to avoid the almost-certain situation where folks get hung up on a trivial design change instead of focusing on improving content, navigation, overall user experience, or ease of administration.

Let me know your thoughts,

Lori [email ends]

Galen asked the Board for their feedback on Lori’s proposal. Dan has a slight concern that the revision history would be lost, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. He assumes there will be a Drupal replacement for Dokuwiki. Galen was wondering if we should pick something, proceed, then deal with any controversy should it happen. For instance, to switch to Drupal, there may be some complaining, but that would get us over the hurdle on this project. Galen encouraged Board members to respond to Lori on the Board mailing list. Kathy is worried about the number of volunteers needed to move all content over to Drupal. According to Galen, Steve was working on an automated way to move content over.

4. Evergreen 2013 Conference Committee Report

Ben explained that registration is moving along nicely, but it is less than they had hoped. The program is complete and up. The venue is in the final stages of bringing all attendees in. Ben’s in touch with the SFC to make sure that the tax is received. Kathy asked why Ben thought the registration was down. Ben said that initially they were estimating 150, but with the growth of the community and the previous conference numbers, they raised their estimate. However, with the passport issue, and the fact that it’s on the West coast, and budgets are strapped, these factors might have added to the decreased numbers.

5. Progress report on EOB elections

Kathy reported that there are 4 nominees now – Shauna Borger, Andrea Buntz Neiman, Yamil Suarez, Tony Bandy. Kathy asked everyone to write up a biography. Kathy will publish the names next week.

6. Grants and fundraising

T-Shirt sales – Amy would be interested in offering something like this at the 2014 conference. There is plenty of lead time for planning.

MassLNC – performance analysis of Evergreen will be undertaken. Galen will be interested in the results of the process as the Board may want to spearhead similar projects in the future. Kathy explained that MassLNC will be bringing in a third party to do an analysis of Evergreen, where the slow downs are. Kathy explained that while MassLNC is funding the project, MassLNC is seeking community input. Kathy has a draft of an RFP and is willing to have people help in the consultant selection process as well as helping them become familiar with Evergreen.

The meeting adjourned at 12:41pm

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