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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting 9/18/2014 Conference Call


  • Ben Hyman, Chair
  • Kathy Lussier
  • Andrea Neiman
  • Yamil Suarez
  • Chauncey Montgomery
  • Grace Dunbar
  • Chris Sharp, Secretary

Regrets: Rogan Hamby, Ben Shum

Minutes / Actions from last meeting

Evergreen vendor listing and related correspondence received (update)

Review of mailing list discussion regarding vendor policy:

Identified need to clarify current vendor listing policy.

  • Grace: Suggestion for publishing community points of contact for vendor selection process.
    • Chris and Andrea expressed willingness to assist
  • Chauncey: Suggestion for publishing boilerplate language for vendor selection process tips.
    • Yamil volunteered to assist with creating boilerplate language.
  • Chauncey: Concerns about the Oversight Board taking too much responsibility in vendor selection process.
  • Yamil: Suggestion to point people to the mailing lists for help selecting vendors.
  • Grace: Question about whether the Oversight Board has a place in addressing egregious vendor situations?
  • Decision to defer action on vendor policy until Rogan is available.
  • Ben: Two Issues:
    • vendor policy
    • framework/boilerplate
  • Kathy: Concern about EOB stepping in and giving the impression of endorsing particular vendors.
    • Feeling about being on “shaky footing” or on a “slippery slope”
    • Chauncey: concerns about liability
  • Yamil - suggestion to review policy periodically

ACTION Pending: Response to correspondence re: complaint about vendor (Ben)

ACTION: Review policy at next meeting.

ACTION: Yamil will draft boilerplate/FAQ.

Outreach Program for Women (update - Kathy)

  • Three coding projects, documentation project, UI project
  • Seeing people asking about the project on lists & IRC.
  • Interest being shown for all the projects

SFC update (Emergency Fund & OCLC topics) (update - Ben)

  • Emergency Fund - in Ben’s inbox
  • Can we park emergency funds at the SFC?
  • Kathy and Ben spoke to SFC - amenable to shaving point from 10% admin fee
  • OCLC topic - Rogan has obtained an opinion about sharing OCLC community locally, then with the community
  • Chris: Question about 10% charge for SFC services.
  • 3% originally
  • increase to 10% was approved across all SFC projects
  • financial oversight, auditing, legal, housekeeping, insurance, etc.

ACTION Pending: Emergency Fund proposal to SFC for response (Ben)

Evergreen 2.7 Release Manager's Report (Ben H. for Ben S.)

Plan is to finish pushing final commits today All details will be blogged

Financial Report

Evergreen Conference Report (Kathy, for Buzzy)

  • Local group hasn’t met with standing conference committee yet.
  • Pulling a budget together for the board - waiting for numbers from venue.
  • Dates still uncertain but May 13-16 have been proposed.
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