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Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting

April 21, 2016, 12:30 p.m. Raleigh, North Carolina


  • Grace Dunbar, Chair
  • Yamil Suarez, Vice-Chair
  • Chris Sharp, Secretary
  • Ruth Frasur
  • Amy Terlaga
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman
  • Chauncey Montgomery
  • Tim Spindler
  • Sharon Herbert

Incoming Members

  • Garry Collum
  • Terran McCanna
  • Mike Rylander
  • Ron Gagnon


Representative to the Conservancy

  • Clarification on the role of the Rep
  • VOTE: Amy Terlaga will be the new Board Representative to the Conservancy - motion passed

Conference management and the SFC/Conference Committee Update

  • Issues for 2016's conference / Tanya
    • Emails that created extra stress
    • Need to look at relationship between EOB, SFC, and Conference committee
    • Not provided with a clear set of expectations about who had authority to do what
    • Didn’t know the right questions to ask
    • Sponsorships
      • Conflict of interest to have a point of contact be a vendor
    • Grace, Chris, and Chauncey started a document to assist with handoff of conference information to the next committee
  • Clarification of roles
  • Options available to us
    • Third party to help with conference planning?

Committee Chair Updates

  • Outreach Committee
    • Should the Merch committee be part of Outreach?
    • VOTE: Ruth - motion to make the Merchandising Committee a subcommittee - motion passed
    • Request to approve purchase of more pens - deferred to next meeting
    • Fundraising - Outreach Committee will take this issue up at their next meeting

Evergreen ILS Community Annual Report

  • Consensus agreement about the format of the 2015 report
  • We want to continue with these in the future

Web Team Committee - tabled

Safety Committee

  • Ruth, Mike, and Tim will join the Safety Committee
  • VOTE: Up to $1000 approved to purchase lanyards - motion passed

Financial Update

Executive Session discussion and wording to incorporate into the Governance Rules

  • Meetings about sensitive topics
  • Robert’s Rules of Order as a template
  • Ruth will draft an email with that language
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