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1. Oversight Board Member Introductions

2. Minutes/Actions from last meeting -

  • Investigate IMLS and Mellon grants in more depth. (Sharon)
  • Update the html format of the ROG changes for the governance page. (Mike)
  • Give Mike perms to edit governance page (Galen)
  • Follow up with the SFC on the NC check issue. (Amy and Grace)
  • Agendas and whatnot for the meetings at the Hackaway (Grace and Ruth)

3. Other Old Business

4. Financial Update (Galen)

5. Committee Reports

  • Conference Committee
    • Update on the 2017 process. (Grace)
  • Outreach Committee Business (Kathy)
    • Minutes from our last meeting are here
    • We are focusing on developing a central message that can be used in our outreach activities, in handouts, on the web site, etc.
    • Work will begin on the annual report soon.
  • Release Manager's Report (Mike/Kathy)
    • 2.12 report
      • Proposed schedule for release is here
      • The plan is for the web client to be ready for pilot use in 2.12. For the fall release, then, the web client should be ready for full production use.
      • Over the next week (or shortly after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday), I'll be communicating more with the community about what's required to get the web client ready for 2.12.

6. New Business

  • Debrief on the value of meeting in person at the Hackaway
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