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Oversight Board Meeting Thursday, April 21



  • Representative to the Conservancy
    • Clarification on the role of the Rep
  • Review of the State of Evergreen update
  • Conference management and the SFC
    • Issues for 2016's conference / Tanya
    • Options available to us
  • Committee Chair Updates
    • Conference Committee
      • Quick clarification on the role of the host site / local conference committee
      • Quick clarification on the role of the SFC in conference matters
    • Outreach Committee
      • Should the Merch committee be part of Outreach?
      • Request to approve purchase of more pens
    • Web Team Committee
    • Safety Committee
      • Need a new liaison
      • Request to purchase more conference lanyards?
    • Financial Update
  • Executive Session discussion and wording to incorporate into the Governance Rules
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