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1. Oversight Board Member Introductions

2. Minutes/Actions from last meeting -

3. Financial Update (Galen)

4. Conference Committee

5. Review and revision of the Rules of Governance

  • Community member Elizabeth McKinney stated, "I would like to formally request that the Evergreen Oversight Board undertake a review of the Evergreen Rules of Governance, section 2.8. Conflicts of Interest."
  • Should this review be expanded to include a review of the whole of the Rules of Governance?
  • Would it be beneficial to have this review be in person potentially with an impartial moderator?
  • If the review should be in person, would it be appropriate/possible to use Evergreen funds to subsidize travel/lodging for EOB members to attend?
  • Shall we create a committee to review the Rules of Governance?

If time permits…

  • Outreach Committee Business (Kathy)
  • Release Manager's Report (Mike)
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