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1. Oversight Board Member Introductions

2. Minutes/Actions from last meeting -

3. Financial Update (Galen)

4. Committee Reports

  • Conference Committee
    • Update on the 2017 process. (Grace)
  • Outreach Committee Business (Kathy)
  • Release Manager's Report (Mike)
  • Rules of Governance Review Committee (Tim)

5. Other New Business

  • Should we plan for a meeting at the Hackaway?
    • Planning to attend already - Mike, Terran, Grace, Garry
    • Geographically close for attendance - Ruth
    • May need travel assistance or teleconferencing - Ron, Tim, Sharon, Amy
    • Not to exceed for a stipend for those that require it? $500? $750?
  • Galen volunteered to track down the details on the trademark policy - progress?
  • 9/21 SFC meeting thoughts/recap
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