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1. Oversight Board Member Introductions

2. Minutes/Actions from last meeting -

  • miker volunteered to update the git repo and web site with the 2.4 and 2.5 changes.
    • Done
  • tspindler to fix the Evergreen logo with ® and make available
    • Done
  • terran to request raw files from GPLS (if such exist)
    • Done
  • graced to update trademark policy wording on website/repo.
    • Done
  • kmlussier and the outreach committee to schedule a few tweets to support the SFC's fundraiser
    • Done

3. Financial Update (Galen)

4. Committee Reports

  • Approve budget revision?
  • Approve Conference/Outreach merchandise purchase?
  • Release Manager's Report (Kathy)
    • Galen Charlton cut the 2.12 Release Candidate yesterday. The release candidate includes 80 documentation and bug-fix commits that have been added since the beta release.
    • Following a recommendation that came from discussion at the 2016 hack-a-way, Terran McCanna coordinated a Bug Squashing Week instead of our usual Bug Squashing Day. Terran counted 245 individual bug squashing actions that occurred during the week. There were 21 bug fixes merged during the week, and many of the bugs tested during the week have since been merged. Scheduling a full week of Bug Squashing after a beta release is something I highly recommend for future releases.
    • The 2.12.0 full release is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22, provided we don't find any showstopper bugs between now and then.
  • Outreach Committee Report (Kathy)
    • The Outreach Committee is busy working on this year's annual report.
    • Rogan Hamby has put out a call for Evergreen sites to complete our annual community survey. Please make sure somebody from your institution fills out the survey. It is critical to providing accurate numbers when we are citing the number of Evergreen libraries in our press materials.
    • The Outreach Committee is requesting authorization from the Board to expend $1,200 for the printing of the annual reports. Last year, we had a community volunteer quickly print these reports at the last minute. However, the community believes the report should be printed by a professional. We have a quote for just under $1,200 to print 300 saddle-stitched reports on 100# Glossy White paper.

5. Other Old Business

6. New Business

  • ?
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