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The 2014 Hack-A-Way will be hosted at the Rock Hill Public Library in Rock Hill, SC by the York County Public Library System.

Hashtag #hackaway2014


  • Rogan Hamby representing York County Library and the SCLENDS Consortium
  • Bill Erickson, King County Library System
  • Chris Sharp, Georgia Public Library Service
  • Jason Boyer, Indiana State Library
  • Remington Steed, Hekman Library (Calvin College, Michigan)
  • Dan Wells, Hekman Library (Calvin College, Michigan)
  • Kathy Lussier, MassLNC (participating remotely)
  • Yamil Suarez (Berklee College of Music)
  • Ben Shum, Bibliomation
  • Mike Rylander, Equinox Software
  • Dan Pearl, C/W MARS

Inclusion in the participant list is voluntary for those who want to be listed.


Topics of Discussion:

  • steps for making unnecessary
  • Ubuntu 14.04/Evergreen issues/bugs
  • revisit auth process (pw storage, bcrypt, etc. – berick)
  • Staff Browser Client development
    • if it's not done yet, we should merge LP 1369169 (websockets install)
    • from irc: nginix as possible solution to requiring alternate websockets ports
  • Acquisitions EDI setup/administration
    • related: plan for removal of ruby parts
  • Adding a deleted flag to shelving locations, org units
  • Combined display for bills/payments/voids
  • Change bill timestamps for fines to bill creation time (they are currently set ahead one billing period)
  • UI for latent Evergreen "friends" code
  • web client installation
  • plan out how to deal with hardening client / server access
  • search speed for very broad searches

Working Google Doc :

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