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Evergreen Hack-A-Way 2016

Dates: Nov 2nd - 4th

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Click Here for Sign Up Page and Agenda

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Centrally located in the US, Indianapolis is easily accessible with 3 international airports within 2 hours’ drive. Central Indiana boasts a rich variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities to be experienced when each day’s coding and strategizing is complete. Indianapolis is also fortunate to be a budget-friendly destination for participants on more restricted travel budgets.

The location for the Hack-A-Way will be the Fort Harrison State Park Inn. Reservations can be made online but to receive access to the group block you may have to call 877-563-4371 and mention the Hack-A-Way code EVENKH. This facility has a unique option of renting houses with multiple sleeping rooms which can be very cost effective if anyone is interested. We will coordinate a group rental of the Harrison House (6 individual suites) specifically if participants are interested.

Breakfast, lunch and a snack each day will be provided by Evergreen Indiana.

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