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2016 Evergreen Hack-A-Way

Nov 2nd - 4th, Indianapolis, IN

Working documents

Preliminary Agenda

  • Browser client – path to completion and release of a 3.0 in 2017
  • Continued discussion on developer mentorship program

Scheduled events

  • Wednesday, 2 November, 15:00ish — discuss results of the buildmaster experiment
    • Results of discussion
      • Agreement that it would be useful to carry on the buildmaster role
      • Dan Wells noted that it's useful to have less experienced buildmasters do the building, with the more experienced ones advising and helping with testing
      • There was a discussion of how to improve communication around the build and release process: in particular, we need to improve make sure that the availability of a build is announced
      • There was a discussion about whether buildmasters would follow the pattern of acting as build maintainers (as RMs typically become release maintainers). Ultimately, it was decided to try a model where there is a pool of buildmasters available to make builds for all release branches, although at any given point in time, specific buildmasters would have primary responsibility for a given release branch.
      • Dan Wells and Blake Henderson are willing to continue as buildmasters
      • Galen Charlton is throwing his hat in the ring as a buildmaster
    • Action items
      • Galen will send out a call for buildmasters
      • We'll collectively work on clarifying the release process, checklists, and release team process. Kathy will lead this discussion.
  • Thursday, 3 November, 11:00 — discuss whether to incorporate jQuery in the OPAC and guidelines for same
  • Thursday, 3 November, 13:00 — release manager proposal Q&A and vote
  • Thursday, 3 November, 13:30ish — discuss timeframe and release goals for feature-completeness and support of the web staff client
  • Thursday, 3 November, 16:00 — discuss developer mentorship program

The Evergreen Oversight Board and various committees will also be meeting during the hack-a-way; schedules are linked here for convenience of anybody participating in both:

Discussion Topics

  • hold placement speed (csharp) 1508208 - More than 100 holds and age based hold protection
  • acq bugs (csharp)
    • LP1175293 - drop-down menu behavior
    • LP1257915 - purchase orders stay "on-order" with some lineitems received and the rest canceled
    • LP1286340 - ability to delete POs
    • LP1269574 - orphaned copies
    • Large PO/Invoice printing
  • old dojo bandaid fixes (csharp)
  • hold targeter testing/integration LP1596595 (berick)
  • EDI testing/integration LP1373690 (berick)
  • miscellaneous TPAC bugs / responsive design issues (tmccanna)
  • Responsive design 2.0 (kmlussier) See also LP1623062
  • "Permanent" Workstation Due Date Override (JBoyer) Similar to but for standalone, online XUL, and web client. ("Permanent" for a single login session only)
  • Creating guidelines for distinguishing bugfixes from new features
  • Feedback from buildmaster experiment for 2.11 and next steps
  • Browser client printing review and discussion (berick)
  • Billing enhancements and fixes (dbwells, various LP, TBD)


  • Galen Charlton
  • Mike Rylander
  • Chris Sharp
  • Bill Erickson
  • Kathy Lussier
  • David Teston
  • Terran McCanna
  • Dan Wells
  • Remington Steed
  • Garry Collum
  • Jason Stephenson
  • Jason Boyer
  • Jason Etheridge
  • Blake GH
  • Rogan Hamby
  • Grace Dunbar
  • Amy Terlaga (Board activities)
  • Jessica Woolford
  • John Merriam
  • Adam Bowling
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