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2017 Evergreen Hack-A-Way

Working documents

Preliminary Agenda

Coming soon

Scheduled events


  • 11 a.m. building pure-Angular staff catalog to replace use of embedded TPAC
  • 1:30 p.m. column pickers
  • 3 p.m. copy alerts


  • 11 a.m. Angularization of acquisitions
  • 11:15 a.m. Migration to newer Angular
  • 1:30 p.m. Test data
  • 3 p.m. IRC dev meeting
  • 4 p.m. Storing more settings on server

Discussion Topics

    • This development makes some significant changes to how alerts are generated and managed during circulation; it's been available for review for a while, and needs general feedback.
  • Flesh out plan for storing web staff user settings on the server.
  • Planning wider adoption of metabib display fields bug #1251394 and deprecation of ad-hoc bib data extraction (MVRs, reporter extracts, etc.) (Bill also just opened bug #1727487).
  • Fix compiler warnings in Evergreen and OpenSRF bug #1243841, bug1325054, and what the heck, throw bug #1375296 in there too. (csharp)
  • Systemd services for OpenSRF, Clark, SIPServer, etc. (csharp)
  • Ansible playbook sharing/development. (csharp)
  • Move away from Class::DBI::Frozen::301? (csharp)
  • Improve example action_trigger_filters.json to exclude patrons without notification preferences/emails from being considered (csharp)
  • Improvements to I18N
    • LP#1719375 and providing more context for translators
    • Time to start moving away from Locale::Maketext and Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TT2?
      • Big problem with current approach, at least for TT2 templates, is there's no way to set msgctxt, which would allow distinguishing homonyms
  • Continue discussion about new tools, see Replacement of Launchpad and/or Gitolite in 2017
  • Plans for AngularJS Acq interfaces? (csharp)
  • "Active" (or "deleted" or "staff_visible") flag on actor.org_unit: LP#1277194 (csharp)
  • Do we still need to be disabling mod_deflate by default? (see LP#652343 and LP#1407171 and this wiki page - also NginX documentation on compression) (csharp)
  • Fixes for automated testing of Evergreen
    • Update testing platform from Debian Wheezy to newer OS
    • Test dataset - bib record addition / changes, parts, etc.
    • Documentation building - add warnings / error failures (see notes in shared Google Doc)
  • AngularJS to Angular 4+ transition
    • This has been accepted as a "stretch" goal for Evergreen 3.1, but the scope of the problem (no pun intended) is hard to gauge at this juncture.
    • This will likely require significant experimentation and division of labor to succeed; how do we best meet those needs?
  • Acq bugs LP#1286340 and LP#1269574 (csharp/tlittle)
  • Upload Hatch up to Google Web Store
    • Setting up Google App Store account (gmcharlt)
    • Create an icon for the Hatch app (maryj)
    • Package and upload extension (berick)
  • Typos in and site_generator LP#1730692 (Bmagic)


  • Jason Boyer
  • Bill Erickson
  • Chris Sharp
  • Terran McCanna
  • Tiffany Little
  • Blake GH
  • Mike Rylander
  • Galen Charlton
  • Rogan Hamby
  • Cesar Velez
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman
  • Mary Jinglewski
  • Kathy Lussier
  • Dan Wells
  • Remington Steed
  • Adam Bowling
  • Josh Lamos
  • Andy Witter
  • Ben Shum
  • Jason Stephenson


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