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Preliminary Agenda

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Discussion Topics

  • Remove installation support for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr from OpenSRF and Evergreen master. (Jason Stephenson)
  • Add installation support for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver to OpenSRF and Evergreen master. (Jason Stephenson)
  • PostgreSQL 10 support: comes with Ubuntu 18.04 by default. (Jason Stephenson)
  • Automated builders - ansible, etc. (Benjamin Shum)
  • LP/Git/i18n replacements - see full details page (Jason Stephenson)
  • Add "staff_visible" column to actor.org_unit Bug #1277194 (Chris Sharp)
  • Add list "hard coding" feature to web client reports templates Bug #1785061 (Chris Sharp)
  • Copy Statistics View reporting source Bug #1672346 (Chris Sharp)
  • Remaining Chunk/Bundle Work Bug #1672346 (Chris Sharp)
  • Web Staff Columns bugs (many related bugs)

Remote Attendance

We will stream the event from the Evergreen community Youtube channel and use the community IRC channel for discussion as well as monitoring comments from the livestream.


Please add your name here if you plan to attend to help organizers get an estimate of attendees for logistical reasons. If you plan to attend but do not want to list your name feel free to privately contact Rogan or an organizer. Also, if you have dietary restrictions or access needs feel free to list those here or to contact Rogan or an organizer with that information.

  • Rogan Hamby, Equinox
  • Tiffany Little, PINES
  • Terran McCanna, PINES
  • Chris Sharp, PINES
  • David Teston, PINES
  • Bill Erickson, KCLS
  • Galen Charlton, Equinox
  • Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
  • Jason Boyer, ISL
  • Benjamin Shum, evergreener
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman, Equinox
  • Niles Ingalls, ENA
  • Mike Rylander, Equinox
  • Jason Stephenson, CW MARS
  • Adam Bowling, Emerald Data
  • Josh Lamos, Emerald Data
  • Andy Witter, Emerald Data
  • Elaine Hardy, PINES (Tuesday only)
  • Jason Goodson, Equinox
  • Eric J. Klooster, Ann Arbor District Library
  • Dan Wells, Hekman Library (Calvin College)
  • Remington Steed, Hekman Library (Calvin College)
  • Dawn Dale, PINES (not all days)


Bugs Reviewed:

Sign offs:

New patches submitted:

Patches Pushed:

Research and Discussion

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