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Preliminary Agenda

Scheduled events


  • 5pm ET - Welcome dinner @ the Harrison House


  • 8-8:45 am ET - Breakfast
  • 9 am - Introductions, AV, Code of Conduct, Photography Policy, Agenda Discussion
  • 11:30 am - Angular 8 (Bill)
  • 12-1 pm ET - Lunch / TEP Board Meeting
  • 1 pm - Self Check, then Reports Discussion (Chris and Terran)
  • 6pm ET - Dinner at Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza (optional)



  • 8-8:45 am ET - Breakfast
  • 11-11:30 am ET - 3.5 Release Team Selection
  • 12-1 pm ET - Lunch

Discussion Topics

  • Streaming for large parameters (like chunking for large results). The goal is to allow very large requests with a small stanza size. miker has a WIP branch.
  • Elasticsearch - bug 1844418 (Bmagic)
  • Antora-ize the docs directory tree - implications to the workflow and web build process (bug 1848524) Link to gDoc (Bmagic)
  • Coordinating Angular 8 update (bug 1830973) (berick).
  • PostgreSQL RLS policies to subset EG - can create efficient test/migration environments (devted)
  • 3.5 release team selection (gmcharlt)
  • Committer activity (gmcharlt)

Remote Attendance

We will stream portions of the event from the Evergreen community Youtube channel and use the community IRC channel for discussion as well as monitoring comments from the livestream.

The event session videos from the Hack-A-Way are now available on YouTube:

2019 Hack-A-Way playlist


Please add your name here if you plan to attend to help organizers get an estimate of attendees for logistical reasons. If you plan to attend but do not want to list your name feel free to privately contact Rogan or Anna. Also, if you have dietary restrictions or access needs please contact Anna or an organizer with that information.

  • Blake Graham-Henderson, MOBIUS
  • Ted Peterson, MOBIUS
  • Chris Sharp, PINES
  • Terran McCanna, PINES
  • Tiffany Little, PINES
  • Bill Erickson, KCLS
  • Rogan Hamby, Equinox
  • Andrea Neiman, Equinox
  • Galen Charlton, Equinox
  • Jason Etheridge, Equinox
  • Mike Rylander, Equinox
  • Jason Boyer, Equinox
  • Ruth Frasur, Evergreen Indiana
  • Garry Collum, KCPL
  • Adam Bowling, Emerald Data
  • Josh Lamos, Emerald Data
  • Dan Wells, Calvin University
  • Remington Steed, Calvin University
  • Scott Tracey, Evergreen Indiana
  • Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana


Bugs Reviewed or Submitted:

Sign offs / Pullrequested:

New patches submitted:

Patches Pushed:

Research and Discussion

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