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2022 Evergreen Hack-A-Way

The 2022 Hack-A-Way will be hosted online by Evergreen Indiana October 24-26th, 2022.



  • Blake Graham-Henderson (MOBIUS)
  • Jason Stepehnson (CW MARS)
  • Bill Erickson (KCLS)
  • Rogan Hamby (EOLI)
  • Tiffany Little (PINES)
  • Chris Sharp (PINES)
  • Terran McCanna (PINES)
  • Elaine Hardy (PINES)
  • Susan Morrison (PINES)
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman (EOLI)
  • Stephanie Leary (EOLI)
  • Jennifer Weston (EOLI)
  • Michele Morgan (NOBLE)
  • Jessica Woolford (Bibliomation)
  • Olivia Scully (Bibliomation)
  • Jason Boyer (Equinox)
  • Gina Monti (Bibliomation)
  • Jason Etheridge (EOLI)
  • Debbie Luchenbill (MOBIUS)
  • Ruth Frasur (Evergreen Indiana / ECDI)
  • Mike Rylander (EOLI)


Planning Group

  • Rogan Hamby

Planned Discussions

  • 2pm ET Monday: SIP2Mediator Discussion (Bill, Jason E, Andrea - others are welcome!)
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