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NTLS Training Outline and Schedule

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Materials for the July, 2009 training in Fort Worth.

Training Schedule

  • July 23rd AM 9:00-9:30 (Setup and configuration)
  • July 23rd AM 9:30-12:30 (Circulation)
  • July 23rd PM 1:30-4:30 (Cataloging)
  • July 23rd PM 4:30-5:00 (Questions/Issues/1.6 Sneak Peek)
  • July 24th AM 9:00-12:30 (Basic Admin & Reports)
  • July 24th PM 1:30-4:30 (Advanced Admin & Reports)

Training Outline

Also see this collection of community tutorials, from which many of these examples were derived.

Setup and configuration

  • Logging in (exercise)
  • Workstation versus user logins
  • Updating the staff client

Circulation I: OPAC Searching and My Account Functions

  • Searching the Catalog
    • Basic search (exercise)
    • Advanced search
    • Search tips
    • Search methodology
    • Search results
  • My Account
    • Logging into your account
    • Account summary
    • Items checked out
    • Items on hold
    • Fines
    • Account preferences
    • Bookbags (public buckets)

Circulation II: Patron Services

  • Typical desk functions (exercises for all tasks)
    • Registering patrons
    • Issuing patron replacement cards
    • Checkout
    • Pre-cataloged checkout/checkin
    • Check-in
    • Paying bills
    • Billing patrons
    • Viewing recent circulations by item
  • Holds
    • Placing holds: an overview
    • Holdable settings
    • Holds priority and targeting
    • Holds pull lists
    • Capturing holds
    • Patron hold notification
    • Holds shelf maintenance
    • Viewing the holds queue

Circulation III: Standalone and Other Functions

  • Standalone mode
  • Other circ functions
    • Cash reports
    • Transit list


  • Searching the catalog
    • Staff-friendly searching
    • Full record display, available actions
  • MARC Editor
    • Create original MARC record (exercise)
    • Editing MARC records (exercise)
    • Validating records against authorities
  • Holdings maintenance
    • Adding volumes and copies (exercise)
    • Copy editor (item attributes editor)
    • Copy notes and alerts
    • Editing volumes and copies (exercise)
    • Spine labels
  • Record Buckets
    • What is a bucket? (exercise)
    • Merging bibliographic records (exercise)
    • Deleting bibliographic records
  • Copy (item) Buckets
    • Transferring items (exercise)
    • Deleting items
    • Editing items in batch (exercise)
  • Importing Records
    • Z39.50 client (single-record import) (exercise)
    • Intro to the batch importer/exporter (exercise)
    • Batch importer/exporter queues (exercise)
  • Other functions and tasks
    • Item Status
    • Replace Item Barcode (exercise)

Basic Admin and Reports

  • Local System Administration
    • Global Font and Sound Settings
    • Printer Settings Editor
    • Closed Dates Editor
    • Copy Locations Editor
    • Library Settings Editor
    • Non-cataloged-types Editor
    • Statistical Category Editor
    • Surveys

Advanced Admin and Reports

  • Evergreen Reports
    • Folders Management
    • Running a preconfigured report (exercise)
    • Creating a Template & Using Base Filters (exercise)
    • Viewing Report Outputs (exercise)
    • Running Recurring Reports
    • Using Shared Templates to Run Reports
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