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Evergreen Outreach Committee April 17, 2015 Meeting Notes

ALA Exhibit

The Oversight Board approved the expenditure of $5,000 to exhibit at the American Library Association Conference. We were able to submit an application for a Small Press table as a new exhibitor. C/W MARS, MVLC, and NOBLE are funding the space rental. We get a 4-foot skirted table as part of the space.

Equinox has offered to provide spare flooring, chairs, etc. for our exhibit space and to share shipping. We discussed the merits of using disposable signage that can be printed in the conference city versus signs that must be shipped, but can be used several times.

We will want to demo Evergreen, preferably on the local system that doesn't require Internet. NOBLE can supply a cellular modem for Internet so that added content displays in the demo.

Amy will work on giveaways. Ron will work on handout. Kathy will work on sign and coordinate with Ron so that they share a similar design. Grace and Kathy will work out equipment and furniture details for the booths. Rogan and Amy should be at ALA early enough to help with setup.

Planning for other conferences

The ballpark budget Kathy presented to the EOB included funding to exhibit at two expensive shows per year through December 2016 or one expensive show plus two smaller shows per year. There was a general consensus that we should exhibit at PLA in 2016. ALA Annual in 2016 should be considered again, but we might want to wait until we're done in San Francisco to assess the success of that show.

Other possibilities included the Texas Library Association, Internet Librarian, Computers in Libraries, and the Ontario Library Association Conference. We should try for conferences that Evergreen community members are already attending so that people are available to staff the booths.

Targeted Fundraising

We need to set up some targeted fundraising to raise money for the outreach efforts, particularly to exhibit at conferences. Kathy has been talking to Karen Sandler at the Software Freedom Conservancy regarding a targeted fundraising. The Conservancy can set up a PayPal link to be used on the Evergreen web site to raise funds for a specific purpose.

We may also want to try a site like GoFundMe as an experiment. (Note: Further research after the meeting found that GoFundMe would charge a 5% fee on fund collected, which would be on top of the 10% fee the Conservancy charges. A link on the Evergreen site would, therefore, allow us to use more of the funds for the outreach effort.)

Other Outreach Activities

Other outreach activities that don't require funds could include a focused effort on sending out press releases on noteworthy happenings in the community (e.g. a major Evergreen release) and possibly doing an annual report similar. The annual report might be something to create in time for the conference each year. We might not have time to create a written one for this year's conference, but maybe one can be delivered as part of the EOB update.

Kathy volunteers to start on press releases by sending one out on the recent 2.8 release.

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