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Evergreen Outreach Committee

The goal of the Outreach Committee is to organize activities to increase the visibility of Evergreen in the larger library community. The committee will also establish a fund for activities that support this goal.

Outreach Committee Members

  • Rogan Hamby, Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Debbie Luchenbill, MOBIUS
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman, Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Jennifer Weston, Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Ruth Davis, Evergreen Community Development Initiative
  • Kathryn Nesbit, NCCARDINAL
  • Stephanie Leary, Equinox Open Library Initiative
  • Katherine Dannehl, PAILS

Past Outreach Committee Members

  • Ron Gagnon
  • Kathy Lussier
  • Olivia Scully, Bibliomation

Mailing List

The Outreach Committee mailing list archives & subscription info can be found here.

Outreach Committee Charge

The following charge for the Outreach Committee was approved at the May 18, 2017 Executive Oversight Board meeting.

  • The Evergreen Outreach Committee is charged with the following tasks:
    • Organizing outreach activities that:
      • increase Evergreen’s visibility in the larger library community;
      • inform existing Evergreen users of developments in the software and community;
      • and support and encourage community participation from Evergreen’s growing base of users.
    • Raising funds to support the above activities.
  • The Outreach Committee committee should have a minimum of three members and is open to participation from anyone in the Evergreen community. At least one member should be a member of the Evergreen Oversight Board (EOB).
  • The committee will submit an annual budget to support Outreach activities to be approved by the EOB.
  • Any activities requiring expenditures outside the budget must be approved by the EOB.
  • The committee must provide regular reports to the EOB by writing to the mailing list and/or providing updates at the monthly EOB meeting.

Annual Report

The Outreach Committee annually produces the community annual report.

A style guide for the annual report can be found here.

ALA Programs

The Outreach Committee has been responsible for organizing various activities at ALA to raise Evergreen's visibility in the larger library community and to provide community members with an opportunity to meet up at this national conference.

List of ALA programs sponsored by Outreach

Social Media

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2024

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2023

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2022

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2021

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2020

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2019

Meeting Agenda/Minutes 2018 and Previous

Spotlight Recepients

  • 2018-11 Michele Morgan
  • 2018-12 Jane Sandberg
  • 2019-01 Chris Sharp
  • 2019-02 Jennifer Pringle
  • 2019-03 Remington Steed
  • 2019-04 Chauncey Montgomery
  • 2019-05 Mary Llewellyn
  • 2019-06 Lynn Floyd
  • 2019-07 Jason Stephenson
  • 2019-08 Sylvia Orner
  • 2019-09 Ken Cox
  • 2019-10 Anna Goben
  • 2019-11 Kate Coleman
  • 2019-12 Jeff Klapes
  • 2020-01 Christine Burns
  • 2020-02 Steve Callender
  • 2020-03 Terran McCanna
  • 2020-04 Ben Shum
  • 2020-05 Tiffany Little
  • 2020-06 Benjamin Murphy
  • 2020-07 Linda Jansova
  • 2020-08 Mike Risher
  • 2020-09 Jessica Woolford
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