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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting March 1st, 2023 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific

In attendance: Rogan Hamby, Stephanie Leary, Debbie Luchenbill, Andrea Buntz Neiman (minutes), Kathryn Nesbit, Chris Sharp, Jennifer Weston


  • Web Site (Chris, Stephanie)
    • Site is hosted by UGa BoR next to the PINES servers
      • Runs the git server, the main web server, chatbot, wiki, old docs, test docs, new docs, listerv(s)
      • Current webserver running on Debian old-stable, reasonably up-to-date WordPress & wiki
      • Galen has ssh access (we think)
      • Admin stuff on #evergreen-bofh IRC channel
    • Chris suggests a conference web-people meeting
    • "From a sysadmin perspective, it's not a good idea to have no one in charge of it"
    • Do we want to stay hosted at GPLS? Hosting is an historical carryover from early days of PINES blog.
    • Chris is fine maintaining the SA level e.g. servers; wiki & WordPress can go to someone else.
    • Stephanie will take lead in WP updates - she will send ssh key to Chris & start working on that
  • Press Releases (Ron)
    • No updates today
  • Social Media (Kathryn)
    • Have made a few posts on FB & Twitter about bug squashing and conference registration
    • Have had a couple people follow the page & one library school student question
  • Annual Report (Rogan)
    • Content deadline MARCH 17th (St. Patrick's Day) HARD DEADLINE!
  • Threadless (Rogan)
    • Galen will make the store at the request of TEP Board
  • Follow-up Community Surveys
    • Follow up pending; only 11 responses so far
    • Post-conference survey for Hackaway dates
  • New Business:
    • RIG would like to put recordings on the YouTube channel (YouTube is admin'd by Dan Scott) - Jessica can request access from Dan. Rogan will broker as needed.

Adjourned 4:50pm ET

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