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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting

September 2nd, 2020 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific - Agenda


  • Amy Terlaga, Bibliomation
  • Andrea Neiman (minutes), Equinox
  • Angela Kilsdonk, Equinox
  • Anna Peitzman, NC Cardinal
  • Felicia Beaudry, Equinox
  • Gina Monti, Bibliomation
  • Jason Etheridge, Equinox
  • Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
  • Lauren Mous, West Lincoln PL (LINC)
  • Rogan Hamby, Equinox
  • Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
  • Ruth Frasur, Indiana State Library / ECDI
  • Tiffany Little + feline, PINES


  • Community Spotlight (Andrea update)
    • August - Mike Risher
    • September - Jessica Woolford
  • Press releases (Ron)
    • Feedback Fest
    • Hack-a-way via Rogan

New Business

  • An online user group meeting event? Proposed by Chris Sharp of PINES. (Rogan)
    • Looking at early 2021
    • Andrea to take the lead; Participants: Rogan, Ruth, Jason E.; Katie Martin might be interested in participating
    • ACTION: Andrea will ping Katie & convene group at some point
    • Goal to have a proposal in time for November TEP Board Meeting
  • Image archive (Ruth)
    • Lack of community image repository
    • Flickr? Are there still licensing concerns?
    • ACTION: Ruth will look into this & come up with a proposal by November Outreach meeting


  • YouTube content managers - Ruth Frasur and Michele Morgan have been added

WIKI Clean up Project

  • Joined by - Angela Kilsdonk (Equinox), Gina Monti (Bibliomation), Tiffany Little (PINES), Jason Etheridge (Equinox)
  • Katie Martin & Jennifer Weston can not join us this week but will be glad to take assignments
  • Rogan's top-level links list: spreadsheet
    • 58 top-level links
    • Who: Andrea, Ruth, Rogan, Angela, Felicia, Anna, Jessica, Jason, Jennifer W., Katie, Tiffany
    • 5-ish pages per person; assign yourselves & ask questions to the Outreach list
    • Make sure to trace sub-pages
    • Rogan: should we create an "archive" or "historic" top-level page?
    • Moving at top level should probably involve a discussion among the group.
  • For each top-level page & its subsidiaries:
    • Update where possible; flag outdated pages if needed
    • If possible, indicate that a page is current as of Version/date
    • Recommend pages for deletion - don't outright delete
  • Outdated page conventions:
    • Convention - Fix Me e.g. code_formatting_standards
    • Convention - Outdated Warning e.g. evergreen_libraries
    • Adequate? New conventions? Warning graphics?
    • AGREED: we will use verbiage including the word "Outdated" to indicate wiki pages that are outdated - please add this to the top of a wiki page
  • Tiffany: wiki has become a dumping ground - some things should be in docs; some should be on the website. Should we reassess our top-level topics? (Answer: probably, but we'll reassess this later)
  • ACTION: Rogan will check with signups over the next two weeks and where we are
  • ACTION: Andrea will create wiki logins for Anna & Felicia

Adjourned: 3:06pm EDT

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