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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting October 5th 2022 - 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific

In attendance: Rogan Hamby, Jennifer Weston, Debbie Luchenbill, Andrea Neiman (minutes), Kathryn Nesbit

Called to order 2:10pm ET


  • Community Spotlight (Andrea, Ruth) - form
    • Move this to Annual Report for future agendas
  • Press releases (Ron)
    • No updates this month
  • Image archive (Ruth)
    • No updates this month
  • Hack-A-Way (Rogan)
    • October 24th - 26th
    • Awaiting Board approval for Hopin expenditure
    • Future online events?
  • Annual Report 2022
    • Planning will start in November
    • Report will be delivered in April at the conference
    • For this year we will only produce a digital copy - if there's feedback about this, we might reevaluate doing a print copy for the 2023 report
  • Merchandise (Debbie, Jennifer, Rogan)
    • Merchandising alternatives - Sellfy, Printify, Zazzle, CafePress, Threadless, Spring
    • Costs are similar & the question now is "which do we like best"
    • Some sites have fewer options but we probably don't need a lot of extraneous merch
    • We will finalize options at December's meeting & make a TEP Board request for their January meeting
  • Social Media - scheduling regular content for Facebook & Twitter (Kathryn)
    • ACTION: Kathryn will send Rogan her Twitter / Facebook account info
    • ACTION: Rogan will add Kathryn to the EG community Twitter / Facebook, and send her web logo stuff etc.
    • In November's meeting we will plan out some social media posts
  • Other business?
    • Some discussion of future Hackaways

Adjourned 2:38pm

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