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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting February 1, 2023 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific

Attending: Rogan Hamby, Stephanie Leary, Ron Gagnon, Ruth Frasur, Debbie Luchenbill, Kathryn Nesbit, Andrea Buntz Neiman, Jennifer Weston (minutes)

Press releases (Ron)

  • Nothing new to report since last press release in December
  • No new content needed to schedule at this time

Social Media (Kathryn/Rogan)

  • Promoting Community Survey – Rogan has been promoting Survey and will send additional reminders
  • Kathryn will send survey-specific tweets and Facebook posts for promotion
  • Kathryn will continue to highlight video content to boost visibility
  • Question to Conference Committee about social media plan; we can provide credentials to conference planning team
  • ACTION: Debbie/Ruth will discuss with conference committee

Annual Report

  • Send Content to Rogan
  • Seeking input on new people in community & new libraries joining Evergreen
  • Layout is forthcoming

Community Spotlight (Andrea, Ruth) - form


  • Board voted in favor of this to approve
  • Rogan will work with Galen to get online shop up and running
  • Debbie bring merch to conference? Suggestion to bring to conference as give-aways with option for people to donate online; Rogan will take suggestion to the Board.

Follow-up Community Survey - There will be another survey to include the following topics: (we can add to the list with additional ideas)

  • other
  • self check
  • collection analysis (collectionhq, libraryiq)
  • patron engagement/messaging (orange boy, patron point)
  • discovery layer (vufind, biblio, aspen, eds)
  • reservation management (envisionware, libki)
  • print management (envisionware, … another)
  • content management system (libguides, subjects plus)
  • ill (clio, fulfillment, SHAREit)
  • ERM (coral)
  • eCard Sign-Up
  • Dashboarding
  • Readers Advisory (Novelist)
  • Content enrichment

Website Improvement Project

  • Stephanie will review to make suggestions
  • Discussion on path forward
  • Discussion about considering professional hosting service and/or moving to a non-WP host
  • We will put this back on the regular agenda & perhaps invite Chris Sharp to a future meeting to discuss next steps
  • Stephanie was given logins to both the current site & the test site

Meeting adjourned at 4:58pm ET

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