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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting June 7th, 2023 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific

Present: Ruth Frasur, Rogan Hamby, Andrea Buntz Neiman (minutes), Kathryn Nesbit, Stephanie Leary, Deborah Luchenbill, Olivia Scully, Jennifer Weston.

Called to order at 4:07pm ET


  • Web Site (Stephanie)
    • Made several updates to the website admin / back end, including:
      • Collapse page hierarchies
      • New taxonomy for video content
      • Enable video card preview
    • TBD / discussion:
      • Should we have separate blog entries for interest groups to highlight projects?
      • What about development projects?
      • Who is gathering and collocating this information?
      • Decision: implement this feature & let devs / IGs know it's available
    • Future: kill the big circles on the homepage!
  • 2023 Annual Report Prep (Rogan)
    • Photo collection done!
  • Post Survey Data (Rogan)
    • Still pending
  • Conference Videos (Rogan)
    • Also done!
    • Anyone is welcome to go tag videos on YouTube
  • Press releases
    • Kathryn Dannehl of PaILS will be taking this on
  • Social Media (Kathryn N.)
    • If there's anything needing posting, please let Kathryn know
    • This exists now!
  • Threadless (Galen)
    • Pending
  • Image Archive (Ruth)
    • Ruth will collocate images from Rogan's file for Flickr
    • Ruth will solicit permission / licensing for images
  • Hack-A-Way October 23-25th
    • Rogan will establish a wiki page for attendance
    • Ruth will get food allergies / prefs from people
    • Ruth will get a reservation count from the hotel
  • Monthly Content - deferred to next month
  • Other business
    • Stephanie asked for feedback on the community calendar list
    • Stephanie will be talking to dev meeting about dev outreach & onboarding
    • Internal tooling discussion & sponsorship opps - Ruth will take this to the board for further discussion

Meeting adjourned at 5:07pm

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