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Outreach Committee Meeting Minutes May 6th 2020, 2pm EDT

Attending: Amy, Andrea (minutes), Debbie, Galen, Kean, Rogan, Ron


  • Annual Report (Rogan/Andrea)
    • Has been distributed; sleep mode til October
  • Community Spotlight (Andrea)
    • May’s nomination selected
    • ABN to send list of total noms & reminder for Outreach List
  • Press Releases (Ron)
    • Last PR run by Marshall Breeding
    • Working on something out of Annual Report
  • LITA Blog Post (Andrea)
    • Nothing to report
  • Online Conf (Andrea)
    • Schedule
      • Draft schedule OK
      • Community Dev Update - Galen will organize; block out 30-60 minutes; wherever it fits but preferably not on the last day
      • ABN will send draft to presenters w/ Comm Dev Update included (CC committee)
    • Zoom hosting schedule
      • ABN to send to hosts & ask for logo
    • Zoom admin options
    • Captioning update
      • Equinox working on sponsorship, expecting imminent approval
      • May seek cosponsor or two
      • Provider selection by Monday at the latest
    • Interstitial slide - here
      • Approved
    • Virtual Happy Hour
      • 15 minutes after last Wednesday session - 5:15pm
      • Hosted by Bibliomation
      • Breakout rooms?
      • Ask if people are willing to host breakout rooms on the Google Form
      • Amy will test this with Biblio staff
    • Misc
      • Next public comms: early next week - schedule, signup form, sponsors
      • ABN to create Google Form
      • Next meeting for Online Conf: Wednesday 13th 2pm ET
      • Rogan will send Hangouts link
      • No further updates re donations; we might not have this ready in time regardless

Adjourned 2:42pm EDT

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