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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting Agenda

September 6, 2017
2 pm Eastern

Promoting the 3.0 Release

Potential Topics for Road to 3.0 Videos Kathy shared an early version of the 'On the Road to 3.0' video she plans to release this week. The video focuses on smaller 3.0 improvements that will be good for staff. Kathy still needs to create an intro and closing piece, which will also be used on future videos in the series. The group was happy with the video and had not feedback for improvements. They also liked the list of topic that Rogan and Kathy pulled together for this series.

Kathy reported that she sent a note to Grace asking for press contacts for possibly getting a larger article done about the 3.0 release and the Evergreen project as a whole. She also plans to start pinning down features that will be highlighted in the standard press release that is issued at release time.

Meme heard back from Sam, who created the conference logo for the Covington, KY logo. She provided an estimate to refresh the logo for about $250-$300. The group agreed that this quote is reasonable. Kathy said she will forward it along to the EOB. (NOTE: Kathy has some follow-up questions on the quote before doing so.)

Evergreen Conference

Amy reported that the conference committee had its first meeting. There were questions about if its Outreach or Conference's responsibility to handle Facebook and Twitter posts. Rogan reported that he did it last year as a member of the Outreach Committee and was willing to do so again this year, but he wants to document the process so that he can hand it off next year. Kathy also noted that Rogan previously volunteered to serve as a liaison on the conference committee so that there could be more communication between the two groups. Some of the social networking posts are to fulfill obligations for sponsors, which seems like more of a conference committee duty. Other posts promoting the conference are more in line with outreach activities. Kathy said she also would like to see more publicity going out ahead of time in library publications.

The group agreed that a person from Outreach and another person from conference should work as a team each year on social networking and publicity. Amy will put some thought into who to ask from the conference committee to be this point person.

Fundraising / project membership

Kathy reported that work is ongoing to survey other organizations to see how they handle fundraising and member opportunities. Current progress is available atbeginning list of models Kathy hopes to add more examples from open-source projects before the next Outreach Committee meeting.

ALA Midwinter Program

The online submission site has opened up for vendor programs at ALA MidWinter in Denver. We plan to do a program on the web client. The description needs to be submitted by September 26.

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