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Web Site (Stephanie)

  • Nothing to report
  • Plan to work on during Hackaway

Press releases (Kat)

  • Rogan passed along list of outlets
  • No press release for Hackaway yet?

Social Media (Kathryn)

  • No social media at this point
  • Twitter/X discussion
  • Alternate social media? Bluesky?
  • Mastodon might be a little too disparate in policies
  • Make list of library "thought leaders"

Evergreen Seeds (Rogan)

  • First group of podcasts is out
  • Was about long-time community members
  • Next group of podcasts

Hack-A-Way October 23-25th

  • no major announcements right now


Contact Who Page

  • Will discuss at Hackaway

Hack-A-Way Communication

  • Later but soon

Press Release Contacts

  • talked about earlier in agenda

Back Burner

  • 2023 Annual Report Prep
  • Image Archive
  • Threadless
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