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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting

November 4th, 2020 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific



  • Lynn Floyd, Indiana State Library
  • Ruth Frasur, Indiana State Library
  • Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
  • Rogan Hamby, Equinox
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman (minutes), Equinox


  • Community Spotlight (Andrea update) - form
    • Rogan Hamby was October's CommSpot
    • November's nominee was agreed upon
    • ACTION: Andrea will reach out to November's nominee
  • Press releases (Ron)
    • Sent out 3.6 press release; was picked up by Marshall's site
  • Image archive (Ruth)
    • Has a plan of attack: scrape old Flickr and establish a new Flickr
    • ACTION: Rogan will scrape site and deliver archive to Ruth
    • Reminder to share the new Flickr logins with a wider audience
  • 2020 Annual Report (Rogan & Andrea)
    • Andrea & Rogan will be meeting on Monday 11/9 to plan

New Business

  • Folding Hack-A-Way Into Outreach
    • Agreed that we will do this
    • ACTION: Rogan will inform TEP Board of this
  • Adding a second person to Spotlight
    • Ruth will assist with this
  • Review of the Event and Compare to Zoom for future events (volunteers)
    • Rogan, Andrea, Ruth, Lynn, Terran will work on this
  • Calendar for Events next year? Conference/UserGroup/Hack-A-Way? (note a call on in person versus remote Hack-A-Way won't be made until 1st Quarter 2021).
    • Andrea will Chair the Online Conference Committee
      • ACTION: Andrea will start to convene a team, including representatives from the standing Conference Committee & Local Conference Committee as well as Outreach (and other interested community members)
        • Potential members: Terran, Debbie, Katie, Jennifer?
      • Will need a conference email address
      • Will need to work out money & sponsorship questions more carefully
    • User Group - skip this for now; though the New Dev Working Group might be organizing something in the timeframe between now and the Online Conference

WIKI Clean up Project

  • Little activity this month; will regroup next month

Meeting adjourned 2:59pm ET

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